Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunday on my Mind

First of all I need to apologies for two things.

Number One: To all my friends and followers who support England, I am sorry, I am really Flippen sorry. But my German team showed you how to play soccer on Sunday.

Secondly I must apologies for the lack of Triathlon and Ironman related posts. Lately I've just been so busy with other work related stuff and being right in the middle of Winter is not helping at all.

One thing I can't believe is that this time last year I was doing 20 hours plus a week, to prepare for Ironman Worlds during the Winter. I don't know how I did it but training this Winter is a real challenge and I don't even put in the hours.

I guess it's about setting yourself a target and work towards it. Or at least I am that way, I can't just train for the sake of training, I must work towards a race. Talking about that, I am busy reading a very interesting book which Urban-Ninja suggested.

Although I am only half way through the book, Chapter 2 has hit the cord and that changed my mind about training, working towards a goal and life in general. But more about the book later.

Finally, to get back to Sunday, it was such a lovely day. We decided to have a mid Winter BBQ and although the wind was a bit hectic during the morning the day turned out real nice. It was awesome having the family together and enjoying the day. Thinking of it our Winters aren't that bad, just a bit chilly early in the morning.
We had a good time and lately almost every discussion turns out to be about my sister and Gerhard's wedding early next year or that's the plan anyway.

After the BBQ we watched the game between Germany and England together as a family and what a game. The day couldn't end better and me and DJ woke the neighbors up on Sunday evening with our Vuvuzelas after the game.
Me and my Buddy, Eddy and below DJ helping me with the BBQ.
Training wise, yesterday's bike session was really hard. It was a power interval session and the main session was 10 x 2min all out efforts maintaining a high RPM on 2 min recovery. I just could not find any rhythm and my legs were dead, just could not spin them around at maximum watts.

I did speak to my coach and I think it can be the 9 hour road trip on Monday together with all the Financial year end related issues at work that caused some fatigue. Hopefully during this weekends long run I will be back at it.


  1. This winter is definitely colder than last year. I did the winter trail series in June and that helped a lot to keep going. Reading blogs from the Northern parts of the world I realise how blessed we are with great winter weather.

  2. I am not at all sorry that Germany beat England! :)

    I can't train for the sake of training either - I need a race to look towards.

    Love the pictures!

  3. J, send me your email address. I have a way to get you in LP I want to email you about.