Sunday, July 4, 2010

Calorie Counting

It's been just over two months since Ironman South Africa and you can see from pictures that I haven't done any Calorie Counting lately. Add to that the Winter, which is luckily on it's way out, I've gained more weight than what I wanted. I am still training but no matter how little or hard you train it's all about the calorie in, calorie out rule.

During Winter I give myself some leeway and eat a little bit more but this year I've exceeded all expectations. I think last year Kona was some sort of rescue "device" as I started training soon after IM South Africa and trained throughout the Winter.

This year there is no Kona so the free wheeling/eating has been going on much longer.

From tomorrow I am back at not necessary eating healthier as I do in general but just eating less, to balance out the calories consumed vs calories burned.

After Wednesday's Power session on the bike which weren't the best I've ever done I am glad that my bike session on Saturday was spot on target again. It's almost if you feel you loose fitness if you do a session and you're not performing according to the training plan.

On Saturday after my bike ride we went to a Wedding Venue together with my sister, Gerhard and my Mother. My Sister and Gerhard are planning their wedding either April next year or if they can't find the right venue they will have it September next year. As my Father used to say: "Getting Married is like having Diarrhoea, you know it's coming and you can't do anything about it"

As I said in my last post most, if not all the family discussions nowadays start, end or have Wedding talks in it.

Although I liked the venue my sister wasn't happy and the search continue..................

Today just the three of us (me, Kim, DJ) went for lunch and it was really great. After lunch DJ asked me if I can take her for another "driving" lesson. That's the advantage of having a big veld close to our house and having a SUV with Auto transmission.

It's so easy for her to get her eye, hand, foot coordination right and just get the feel of it to accelerate and brake while turning.

Well let the Calorie Counting begin.


  1. I'm with you on the calorie in calorie out rule. i really battle to get my weight down nowadays. was so easy 10 years ago...

  2. I am working on the calorie in/out thing as well. I really work hard to keep my weight down, and sometimes it just creeps up - that never happened 5 years ago! Good luck!