Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daddy & DJ Day

Today was a nice relaxing day and it was some Daddy and Daughter time. It was a rest day for me training wise and I took full advantage.

Kim went to work early this morning as the Strikers don't strike on Sunday's and she managed to get a lot of work done and helped to process a lot of unemployment claims and also Death and Disability claims.

The people that strike and who prevent others to get to work don't know how they influence other peoples life's. People that have been without a job for some time and those who lost someone due to death who is desperately waiting for their claim to be processed by the Department of Labour to get some or maybe the only money they'll have for some time. These peoples life's are being disrupted so badly.

Good thing there is some people like Kim who are willing to scarifies their Sunday and Family time to go to work on a Sunday to try and catch up on some work that's been lacking due to the strike.
With Kim at work, me and DJ decided to make it a Father/Daughter day. After Church we went to the shopping mall and played some Tenpin bowling and some Putt Putt before we had a great lunch.
I even dared DJ to take a small sample of these Chillies that I had with my steak.

The Hockey trials that were cancelled due to the strike was back on at short notice yesterday and DJ really enjoyed it apart from the sunburn she got. She applied lotion to her legs, arms, face and neck but forgot the back of her arms. Ouch!
She also tried her sleeping bag I got her for their School Camp mid September. We are not the camping type and if it wasn't for the guy in the store giving me some great advise on sleeping bags and camping equipment I would have been lost.
On Friday the estate agent, that sold me the empty stand in an enclosed small holding security complex some time ago contacted me and asked me if I want to swop!! There's another guy who has this house and he wants to swop it for my stand.
It's a difficult decision and I will take my time to decide as the empty stand is in an "better" area and is much bigger (almost 2 Hectare) whereby this house is a cluster unit. The only advantage is I can rent the house out and get some income from it . Currently the stand is just an empty piece of land with no direct income.

Training wise I had a good solid day with no hick ups yesterday. The session was a brick session with a 2hr bike and 30 minute run session. I couldn't believe the difference between the road bike and my TT bike. It's been almost two years since I've been on a road bike and the handling is much more direct.

And going up a hill is so much easier on a road bike. The bike session was 2hrs at endurance pace but I couldn't help myself hammering the bike on some sections. Don't know it it was frustration due to me not having a TT bike or just the happy feeling that Summer is truly here. I manage to maintain 278 watts for the 2hour session without going in the red zone

Even my 30 minute run after the bike was good and I could manage a 4:45min/km pace without any difficulty.

I keep forgetting to tell this story but I finally remembered. For those with a sensitive stomach don't look at the picture below. It is not my Tongue but I have a tongue similar to this one.

I've been "blessed" with a geographical tongue and what it mean is my tongue is not smooth but has these "craters" on it.
Now why do I show you this? For those who wonder when Summer will be here or if the Season's changed, I've got news.

The season changed two and a half weeks ago. Twice a year something strange happen to me which indicates that the season is changing. When Winter turn to Summer and the opposite my tongue becomes VERY sensitive and it becomes almost impossible for me to eat and drink normally.

I don't get sores on it and it doesn't become septic and looks "normal" but it just become very sensitive and it will remain like that for almost a week.

When this happen I know that the season has changed.

Well the easy week of training is over and now for a new week with some hard sessions according to my training plan, but who cares Summer's here!


  1. DJ already has good bowling skills! Does your tongue also help predict weather and impending storms?

  2. Whoa Johann! That is some tongue!!

    Is it kind of weird that I just said that?? ha ha

    Love your day with DJ!

  3. Loving that tongue Johan. It's not weird or anything.......ok it is weird and I reckon you should speak to National Geographic and get some of their scientists over to do some testing to make sure you are not part-human part-Cervelo!

  4. J, two hectares, that big. Sounds like a tough decision. Sucks about that strike, my hat goes off to Kim for helping in the eye of the storm. Your watts are amazing. Also, that tongue, you missed your calling. You should be sanding wood with it for a finishing carpenter. hahaha.

    Glad Summers coming for yah


  5. My other line was going to be, "that tongue, no wonder the girls like you". hahahahaha