Thursday, June 4, 2009

Congratulations Wiesa

It was my younger(by 10 years) sisters graduation on Wednesday night and it was a real highlight for her. She obtained a B Ed degree, and although she's been teaching for a while she can now get a job from the Department of Education. Currently she is employed by the schools governing body.

The graduation was in Pretoria, about a hours drive from Witbank and it was me(photo above with my sis), my mother and my sisters boyfriend that went with her. It started at 6pm and they first had the welcoming and opening and then awarded four people their doctor's degrees and this carried on for more than half an hour. While this was happening I counted the names on the program and it came to 332.
To be honest I was a little bit worried, if it takes them almost an hour to open the proceedings and honour four guys, when are we going to finish?

Luckily the program had all the names of the graduates but it was spread over a few graduation evenings for the different types of degrees. When they got going with the normal graduation proceedings it didn't take too long and it eventually finished just after 8pm and we were back in Witbank at half past nine.

I am very proud of Heloise(Wiesa) as she push through with her studies even when she experienced some difficulties. My Father's suffering due to Alzheimer's started when she began her studies and it was also half way through her studies that my father passed away. Although she lost focus and her studies suffered she still continued and finished her degree.

Because I didn't know when will we be back I did my bike workout before we left and I'm glad I did.

I was suppose to swim last night but my sister wanted to celebrate and I skipped the swim but did it tonight. We went to a restaurant last night and we had a great time. Kim just said I am a party pooper as I stopped drinking alcohol again for the 20 weeks preparing for Kona. They were all having some drinks and I was having some cool drinks and coffee.
Luckily I only missed 1 bike workout due to the graduation and the celebration last night but will catch it up tomorrow. I will just do my 1 hour bike session and 30 minute run tomorrow morning and will do my swim session tomorrow night. Then I'll be 100% on track before the weekends long ride and run.

Just some feedback regarding my Cervelo P4. It looks like we are now getting somewhere. Someone at Cervelo HQ has now taken ownership of my problem and apparently they are shipping the frame via Air to South Africa and it will be here soon. Hopefully I will ride my P4 soon.

Tuesday's Workouts:
Run: 50min, 9.8 km, 144 bpm, 795 kcal
Bike: 51 min, 26 km, 132 bpm, 701 kcal

Wednesday's Workout:
Run: 1h03, 12 km, 132 bpm, 881 kcal

Today's Workouts:
Gym: 40 min, 366 kcal
Swim: 1h07, 3 km

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