Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day Full of Surprises

Yesterday was a day full of surprises. As I got home there were two parcels from the Post Office.
When I opened the first one it was a DVD of last years Ironman World Championship in Kona. This was a real pleasant surprise and nice gift. I did not order it but I think it was send too me after I registered for Kona. Just a pity I could not watch it last night as I was at Dejone's school for the election of a new school governing body. Will definatly watch it tonight.

The second parcel I opened was this number plate holder from Triathlete magazine. I renewed my subscription for another year about a month ago and it said that you get a free number plate holder if you renew. I thought this was only applicable to US citizens so I was really happy to receive this gift although it is small, it makes you feel special and that some companies still cares about their clients by giving small gifts even in these tough economy.

Another surprise was that I got elected to serve on the school governing body. I've been serving on the body for six years now and three of those years as chairman. One can not just think you will be automatically re-elected because you've been part of the governing body for six years. The parents need to believe in you and especially if you are chairman. If they don't see progress or are not happy with the way things are going at the school, they will show it with their votes.
I am glad that the parents still believe that I can contribute towards the school.

This morning the freeway was closed due to heavy mist and I had to use an alternative route. Part of this route is a 20km gravel/ dirt road. Take a dirt road add a weeks constant rain and you have a VERY muddy road. As I knew I would be late for work it was one of those mornings were I just decided to have some fun(safe). When I tackled the muddy road I just went for every water hole and anything that looked muddy. When you have such a full schedule than what I have, there is not always time to just have fun. Training 20+ hours a week, working long hours at the dealership and spending any spare time with the family, I just don't have a lot of time to do useless things. I must admit that I was having a blast. When I got at the dealership I had to take a picture as you could not even see the number plates.

Luckily I could just park the car and give the key to the cleaners, a bit nasty but I did said to them I buy them some drinks. That's the advantage if you have someone who cleans your car for you.

Yesterday was my first gym session were I had to do two set of each exercise. For the past few weeks I've been doing 1 set of each and I am feeling it this morning. Because last nights meeting at the school ended very late I decided to do my bike session this morning. Will see how my swim goes tonight after my run and tempo bike this morning.

Yesterday's workout:

Gym: 1hr, 535 kcal.

Today's workouts:

Run: 31:35, 6 km, 421 kcal, 129 bpm.

Bike: 1h15, 39 km, 1172 kcal, 142 bpm.

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