Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day Celebrations

Fathers Day is always a special day in our family since I can remember and even when my father was still alive we always made the day a special one. It is almost a bigger event than birthdays. From early this morning I was treated with coffee in the bed and I got a small gift and a card from Kim and Dejone.
But before the real celebrations could begin I first had to do my recovery swim session and my Long run. I did my swim session before Church and was just in time to go to church with the family.

After Church I did my long run and I don't know if I am just getting fitter and stronger or if it is the new shoes but I had a super run. I did not feel tired and my legs felt super strong even after yesterday's gym session and 4 hours plus on the bike.

When I finished the run we were of to my favourite restaurant, Piato's.

Dejone enjoy a glass of water and pretending it is wine, Not yet girl. For the whole week I am having this graving for a beer. Kim suggested I might as well enjoy a beer as the graving won't go away. For the whole training block when I prepared for Ironman South Africa I didn't have any beer or wine. I believed my recovery was better and my weight kept coming done. Well I am now 4 weeks into my 20 week training program but I just had to enjoy a beer. Hopefully that is now the end of that until October.

I also enjoyed my favorite starter, Oysters and I must say they were awesome.

When we drove back home we were going past the new Gym that is opening soon and Kim wanted to have a look at it. The swimming pool is already full of water and all the decor is done. Apparently all the equipment is coming this week. I said to Kim I wonder if they fixed the entrance where I left some Newton shoe imprints when the cement was still wet when I did my morning run.

Well I think they are going to lay tiles at the entrance because they didn't bother fixing it. Four nice shoe imprints are currently welcoming everybody at the entrance.

When we got back home Dejone begged me to take her cycling. She is writing exams this week and Kim said she can go but only for half an hour because she needs to study. We took the mountain bikes and did an easy 25 minutes.

The week was a real good week and I managed to keep to my schedule apart from one easy bike recovery session that I missed due to work, but the 25 minute with Dejone almost made up for it.

Today's Workouts:

Swim: 52:31, 2.5km
Run: 1h40, 20.5km, 142 bpm, 1567 kcal, 4:54 min/km, 88 rpm, 115cm stride.

Weeks Totals:
Swim: 12.5 km
Bike: 259 km
Run: 49.2 km
Gym: 2 sessions
Total: 19h43, 320.6 km, 15166 kcal.

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