Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unscheduled Tempo Run

Yesterday morning was suppose to be my easy recovery run before the long and hard weekend workouts but instead it became a Tempo/Time Trial Run. As I went for my run at 4am on Friday morning and I came round the one corner towards the new Suburb they are busy building I ran into what I suspect to be two Burglars. There was some sort of eye contact, if you can have eye contact at 4am in the dark and then they suddenly turned around and run like hell.

I think me wearing a yellow reflective jacket and the runners headlight for visibility made me look like a cop. For a moment I didn't know what to do, I just reduce my pace to a shuffle and continue running without thinking. Then they looked back at me while running down the street and something in me just said run after them. I chased them for, I guess 200 meters before they swerved into the field with me still about 20 meters behind them shouting and yelling anything that came up in my mind, including some swear word( sorry Warren).

I quickly realized Newton running shoes are not made for Trail running and I stopped the chase. Then it struck me how stupid I am. Here I am chasing two guys in the dark without me having any sort of protection and ending up running after them in a pitch black field. I quickly turned around and made a sprint to the tar road. Neatless to say my heart rate was now at about 170bpm where it was suppose to be at 137 max for the workout. I decided to carry on with my running but was now sooo scared with me running in the new suburb with limited street lights.

About 2 kilometers further down my route I came across a neighbourhood watch vehicle and I stopped the man and explained to him what happened. He asked me for directions as to where it happened but as I looked back he turned left into the street where I said right. Guess he wasn't very clued up with directions or willing to look for them. Only positive thing of the morning was that I had no problem getting my heart rate up for my Tempo bike session after the run.

I was suppose to do the bike on Thursday night but with Tuesday being a holiday my week was cramped with meetings on Wednesday and Thursday evening. I could manage my swim on Wednesday evening as the meeting finished early but Thursday's meeting was going on until late and I had to postpone my bike session to Friday.

It feels like my swimming is really improving and I can see it in the times and I don't feel as tired as before. On Friday I did 12 x 100m with 5sec rest in between and where it ranged in the past between 1:47 and 1:53 it was between 1:39 and 1:45 for all of the sets. I still need to improve on my new swim style but I am working hard on the drills and new technique. Although I am not fast yet I swam 4km on Wednesday and 3km on Friday and I am still feeling good afterwards.

This morning I decided not to go to work and slept a little bit late as I had two nights where I only manage 5 hours. One can feel it immediately in your workouts when you don't get enough sleep. I did my gym session in the morning and then it was a 4.5 hour bike over mid day. I thought that doing my bike from 11h00 to 15h30 will expose me to some heat but even with two sweaters on it was freezing out there and the wind was really strong and icy.

With my last post being Sunday due to my heavy week hereby a summary of the weeks training.


Swim: 1h05, 3km


Bike: 2h33, 68km, 119 bpm, 1764 kcal

Run: 50min, 10.3km, 143 bpm, 794 kcal


Run: 1h05, 12.8km, 134 bpm, 925 kcal

Swim: 1h25, 4km


Gym: 1h08, 500 kcal


Run: 30min, 5.6km, 129 bpm, 400kcal.

Bike: 1h30, 50km, 141 bpm, 1397 kcal.

Swim: 1h00, 3km


Gym: 1h06, 734 kcal

Bike: 4h30, 137km, 133 bpm, 3785 kcal,

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  1. It's ok- as long as you are fine! And you have learned what was needed from this experience! Keep up the good work- proud of you!