Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mind Games

I don't want to sound negative but my first run with the Newton shoes on Tuesday morning was nothing special. With all the fuss being made about the shoes I maybe was expecting some miracle run, which didn't happen. No super run but also no serious muscle strains as some runners report after their first run. I did my 50 minute tempo run and after the run I compared my run data with that of last weeks tempo run. According to my Polar RS800CX watch, which is very accurate I did 200 meters more than last week but apart from that my heart rate, cadence, stride length and running index was the same.

I could not believed that and thought that maybe the Polar was giving me inaccurate data. This morning I took my Garmin Forerunner 305 along to see how accurate the Polar is. Well I must say it is very accurate. I did a 1h15 run and the Polar was out by 5 meters. The data was also very close to last week's run. Last week I did a 1h05 run but cadence, stride length and running index was the same as with my Zoot shoes.

This mornings run felt more comfortable than yesterday's and I think if one can get used to the Newtons it won't make you faster but at least you will have a more comfortable run. I experienced some slight stiffness in my calves later during the day but nothing serious. I'll guess I will need to spend more time with the Newtons before I will know if they are the shoes for IM.

When I came back from my run I took this photo to see how visible I am to motorist. As I am running at 4am in the morning it is pitch dark especially now during winter. I had three incidents where motorist just drive straight at me and it seems that they want to see how close they can get too me. One person even swerved towards me, I am sure it must be people that are either not mentally sound or they are jealous at me for running. I thought maybe they can't see me but from the photo I think I am very visible.

On my running route this morning I ran past the new Gym that is opening soon. I wanted to have a closer look at the inside and when I ran up to the entrance, new concrete was laid and I left some nice Newton sole imprints. There was no barriers to warn me. I thought it was really funny to see these nice shoes prints at the gym's entrance and when I left for work later I took the camera to take a picture. When I got there a guy from the construction company was looking at this mess someone made to his entrance and he was in a serious discussion with I presume the night watch man. I decided to rather just drive slowly past the gym and not get out and say to the guy , Hey it's my prints can I just take a picture.

I am still "struggling" with my "new" swim technique and it is quit frustrating to do so many drills and not doing the distance. I must just be patient but that's not something I am good at.

Yesterday was my late mother in laws birthday and today it's been 3 years since my father passed away, so things are a bit emotional right now at the Stemmet household.

Monday's Workout:
Bike: 1h00, 27 km. 128 bpm, 804 kcal
Swim: 40 min, drills

Tuesday's Workouts:
Run: 50 min, 10 km, 142 bpm, 783 kcal, 5:01min/km
Bike: 2h15, 70km, 131 bpm, 1898 kcal, 30.3 km/h( first 70 km of IM Kona on Computrainer)

Today's Workout:
Run: 1h15, 14.1 km, 136 bpm, 1096 kcal, 5:20 min/km

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