Monday, June 1, 2009

What a Lazy Month

With the start of June it was interesting to see what I've done during May, training wise. I knew it was my "recovery" month and the training went out the doorway but was I surprised to see how "little" did I train.

I managed a whole 16 km swimming, 124 km Biking and a whopping 61 km running. It was only the gym sessions of 8 that was on schedule. I know I can't compare it with February when I was putting in the long and hard hours but then I swam 53 km, biked over 1000km and run 236 km. One can really call this a LAZY month when it comes to training.

Luckily I'm not sick anymore, I am well rested and got my motivation back to start preparing for Kona. Today was a great day training wise. I cycled 60km on the Computrainer this morning, doing the Hawaii course. Heart rate was a bit high but I kept it in the zones and didn't go above the 142 bpm maximum. This evening I did my swim session, and was really surprised that I swam at the same pace that I normally do even with my last swim session last week Tuesday.

I guess that is the "advantage" if you are not a strong swimmer and don't have a proper technique, you just carry on at the same pace no matter what.

I've done more than 10% of my Swim and Bike mileage today than what I've done the whole month of May, what a shock.

Today's summary:
Bike 1h50, 60 km, 136 bpm 1187 kcal
Swim 1h07, 3km.

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