Sunday, August 1, 2010

And the Celebrations continue

This weekend the celebrations continue after my birthday on Wednesday.

My sister, which I did mention, who I haven't seen this year came to visit us. The timing was perfect and they arrived just as I got back from the dealership on Saturday. We started the BBQ in the afternoon and it carried on late into the night. My sister even gave me a "Big 40" badge together with my present and I wore it all night, haha
The ladies: Kim, DJ, Heloise, Mom, Etresia, Shaune

Shaun, my brother in law, who can really make good food made me some Chicken Gizzards as a starter before the BBQ. He showed me how to make it his way if I want to do it myself next time. One thing I miss and I know it sounds bad, is he stopped drinking end of last year.

Shaun, me and Gerhard

Not that we are alcoholics but he was good fun when he still had a drink or two and it is not like the old times, having a few beers together. But I am glad for him.

After dinner I got this bright idea to "pop" in our Wedding video of sixteen years ago. Don't know how it started but I think it was when we talked about my younger sister's wedding plans and I wanted to show DJ our wedding.
Eddy, part of the party

Funny but we've never showed her our wedding video. Well it was one funny video, had a real good laugh, especially DJ, at all the people and especially at all the hair styles and I also realized how old I'm getting when I see children running around in the video and now they are married with children.

With Shaun being back into road running after a long "down time" I promised that we will visit them soon and we can do a road race together. At least that way it won't take seven months to see my sister again.

This morning my sister and Shaun left at about 12pm after we had a late breakfast and then it was time for my brick session. Something I wasn't looking forward too, especially on a Sunday afternoon but I had to do it.

It was one of those weekends where I just didn't want it to end and I wouldn't have mind to have them for another day or two but time just flew by and before I realized they had to drive back the Polokwane, about a 3 hour drive. See you soon Sis!!!


  1. Pulling out the wedding video????

    Be truthful, you haven't been training, or having family and celebration, which has caused you to be off the grid.

    I now know Kim has put you in "Man sensitivity training". It's nice to see she got her money's worth. With that picture on the blog with all those pretty looking girls, I couldn't make out which one was you. You look so different now. hahahaha


  2. Looks like fun! I wish my weekend would not end either!