Wednesday, May 13, 2009

150 Days to Kona

When I looked at my watch this morning the display showed "150 Kona". 150 days is roughly 6 months but when you train for an IM before you now it 6 months is gone. I am slowly getting into my usual routine and although my current program allows for 11 workouts a week from the 25th of May I will be back at 14 session a week, 2 per day 7 days a week and if you count a brick session as two some weeks will have 15 workouts.

For the week so far I haven't missed any workouts and I am also sticking to the whole workout per session, no cutting short. It is amazing how quickly one body can adapt. Two weeks ago I was so out of shape after the 4 week lay off after IMSA and now I can already feel how everything is coming back. Spoke to Jacques today and we discussed the pool's temperature at the gym, which is by the way down again to 18c. But when you start t swim it is sooo cold but after a few laps your body adapts and you don't feel that intense cold anymore.

I also received a qualification certificate from the IM company stating that I did qualify for IM Worlds. That was a real surprise to receive the certificate.

Today's workouts:

Run: 51min, 9.5 km, 135bpm, 733 kcal, 5:24 m/km
Swim: 1h05, 3 km, 700 kcal,


  1. I love the certificate. Nice touch.


  2. Thanks B
    I was surprised and didn't expect it real nice

  3. Congrats on qualifying for Kona! That is very exciting. I am assuming this is your first time there but that may not be true. I read a few of your posts that talk about adapting to the wind and heat and I think anything you can do will be helpful. I did spend time in the steamroom as well and worked my way up while I used that time to strech. It really helped. This is very exciting! Best of luck and please feel free to ask any questions if you have them. I've only been there once (last year) but it was a great experience and I will try to help!

  4. J, I really apprechiated the diet comments. The timing is perfect and I'm going to try it out. I've been meaning to buy Marks new book as well and now I'm going to do it tonight.

    Looks like your starting to get back into some major training. 14 sessions a gonna kick some major butt in Kona.

  5. Thanks Kim for the comment.
    If you don't mind I will appreciate some info regarding Kona. Not to many people in South Africa has been there. Will be in touch

  6. Hi B
    Yip the heavy training is almost here, just hope the motivation can stay with me to persists.