Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Registered now Catch a Wake Up

Thought it will be just a 2 minute exercise to register for Kona, log on enter Athletes register number and there you go registered, but it was quite an exercise. After you log on and enter the code, you were issued at the slot allocation meeting you then first need to agree to a few "terms and conditions". I stopped counting but I think there were like five or six waivers and terms that you had to agree too before you can proceed.

Then you get to the registration form and here you not only need to supply your personal info but answers all these questions they have. Questions such as "Significant Triathlon accomplishments" well I only had 1- qualified for Kona. "Family members attending or participating", " Professional or Academic honors" and the list goes on. At some questions I was hoping for a multiple answer whereby I can choose one. One question-" Interesting facts about yourself, I thought it would be best to ask Kim that question.

After all these questions you then proceed to the final page where you need to pay $10 because you are not registered as a USA triathlete, but eventually it was done and I am soooo Happy I am now officially registered to participate in Kona

Got a WAKE UP from Trijackal on Monday. It went something like this- "Are you doing a duathlon in Kona because I don't see you in the pool anymore". I guess you need these messages to catch a wake up. The thing is with my "official" 20 week training program for Kona only starting on the 24th of May I find it difficult to focus and have the self discipline to keep on training the way I've trained for IMSA. But after the message I got my act together and haven't missed a workout session of my maintenence program which leads up to my performance program.

It is also not nice when I arrive at the pool at 5am this morning with the air temperature at 10c and the water has now dipped to 18c. When I asked them last Friday why is the water so cold( it was then at 20c) their explanation was that the pump packed up and they had to switch the heater off. They said that they will fix the problem this week, well it's already Wednesday and it is not fixed. Last year was the same old story. I guess they know they are the only gym with a swimming pool in town so they don't care.

I am still looking to find a cheaper way to get myself and my bike to Kona. Bryan suggested that I get prices from FedEx/UPS to sent my bike to Kona. I did get a quote today and for a moment I thought this is the way to go. I asked the lady to give me a price for my bicycle to Kona and back. She worked it out at R5687. When I confirmed with her the route she replied by saying it is only one way so it will be another R5687 from Kona back to South Africa. So far the $900 from Delta still seems to be the cheapest if you add the airline ticket.

Well tomorrow I have a gym session and a bike session. I think my legs will feel it as my last bike ride was the Mpumalanga TT champs on 18 April.

Yesterday's Workout
Run: 48 min, 9.6 km, 811 kcal

Today's workouts
Swim: 43 min, 2 km
Run: 40 min, 6.5 km, 623 kcal, 133 bpm

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