Sunday, May 31, 2009

15 years

This past Thursday the 28th was me and Kim's 15th wedding anniversary.

The week began quite funny with me wishing Kim a happy anniversary on Monday the 25th. Don't know how I got the dates mixed up as I am usually the one that remembers birthdays, anniversaries etc. Luckily she thought it was real funny, and at least I remembered Thursday when it was the day. Our initial plan was to go out for dinner on Thursday night but we decided to rather give it a miss and went to see a show in Johannesburg Saturday night.

When I came home on Thursday and asked Kim where are we going for Dinner for our anniversary Dejone was quick to ask where are we going? I said, no it is me and your mother that is going out for dinner because it is our anniversary. She replied with a big smile "But I am part of this marriage, so where are we going". I though this was quite funny as she didn't see anything wrong with it to join us. Eventually being a bit cold and me coming late from work we changed plans and went to the show last night.

As with our marriage and with a lot of things in life, it all comes down to commitment. This made me think about all the thing we commit our self too. Our marriage can't be a success if we are not fully committed towards each other and to make a success of our life together. The same goes for your work, family, sport, friendship, hobbies, religion and the list goes on. No one said that if you commit yourself towards something it is going to be easy. Everyone experience the ups and downs, but the secret is if you commit yourself towards something you can't let any downs, pitfalls or distractions come in your way to relinquish that what you've commitment yourself to.

The same goes for my preparation for Ironman. I've committed myself towards the sport and to be successful I need to commit myself to long hours of training and it is not always easy. But that is the difference between someone who will be successful in Ironman's and someone who will never be able to say "I have completed an Ironman"

I've spend a good 15 minutes today in the steam room to get rid of the cold that's been bugging me for the last two weeks (hope it helps). It is not that I am down and out but it just keep me from sticking to my training schedule 100%. Some days I can go all out but some days it's all in my head and I can't even complete the workout. I felt much better today and maybe I can now stick to my program.

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