Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Supplements I take

Lately after me having a bit of flu and my lack of motivation to train, mainly because I feel tired all the time, I've been thinking about all the supplements I take. Do I take too many or do I need to take some more. When I started doing Ironman's I basically took everything and anything that claimed to better your health and performance. As time passed by I started to cut all these supplements one by one and for the last year or so I am down to the following.

I take Pharmaton Multivitamin capsules as my daily multi vitamin. Why I use Pharmaton is only because they say that endurance athletes may suffer from an iron deficit and these are one of the few capsules that have 10mg of iron. The rest are at 5-7mg. Then I use Moducare as an Immune booster and a generic Antioxidant capsule at night. I take some Omega 3/6 capsules and I also use Arthro Guard, a tablet that they claim will protect your cartilages and joints. By doing competitive wrestling and Judo for sixteen years and having had two knee operations, when it comes to running my knees ain't the best there is.

I only use Infinit energy drinks and Powerbar gels on my long rides and runs and use Infinit Repair after my long sessions.

Now do I take to much or is there something I can use to help my body efficiency. I guess if you read all the reports and adverts about all the supplements that can make you perform better you will spend your whole salary on supplement. For time being I think what I take support my healthy eating habits which have most of the vitamins and minerals one needs a day.

I've also loaded my 20 week training program on and can't wait for Monday to begin with my 20 week journey towards Kona.

Yesterday's workout:

Run: 45 min, 8.7 km, 681 kcal, 139 bpm

Today's workout:

Run: 56 min, 9.8 km, 136 bpm, 824 kcal

Swim: 42 min, 2km,

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