Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just a matter of Time

Guess it was just a matter of time before I picked up the Flu. With the seasons changing it can be anything. I need to do my running early in the morning and it is anything between 5c and 10c, and since I am in the steam room after my swim and gym sessions that can also be a factor, heating up the body and then going out in the cold to get home. Lately I've been also under a lot of stress at work as the current financial situation is not helping the motor industry at all. All these things could have played a roll in me getting sick, but I am convinced it is that cold swimming pool at the gym. For the last two weeks now I have swam in anything from 16c to a maximum of 20c, and the 20c only happened once.

Yesterday morning when I woke up I immediately knew here's trouble. My whole body was sore, stuffy nose and a sore throat. I had to go to Pretoria for the day and could not see the doctor. Later in the day I felt better and went for my swim after I came back from Pretoria. It was my weekly speed session in the pool and I was suppose to do 2.5km with lot of speed work.

I could only manage to do 1.5km before I couldn't go any further. My whole body was sore and I was shivering in 19c water. I though that if I hit the steam room I can maybe get rid of the flu. After 10 minutes in the steam room I was still shivering and eventually I sat there for 20 minutes and decided to get out. Thursday I only manage 14 minutes in the steam room and now I was in there 20 minutes and still not feeling the heat as previously. Definitaly something was not rights.

When I got home I just had something to eat and then before I knew it I was sleeping. This morning I decided to go to the doctor as I normally wait to see if these colds don't go away only to see the doctor 4 days later. Luckily it is just normal flu and it hasn't affected my lungs yet.

After the doctor I decided to do my gym workout, I am suppose to do as it is not high aerobic stuff. I could manage to do my gym workout but decided to give the steam room a skip today. I will also give my bike session a skip today and see how I feel tomorrow. I would rather skip one or two sessions now and be ready when my IM program starts in two weeks.

When I was at the doctor someone asked me, do you take any supplements to help your body cope with all the training and it made me wonder. I did cut back on supplements and are taking far less than what I used to take a year ago. Maybe that is something to look at.

Yesterday's workout:
Swim 34:35 min, 1.5 km

Today's workout:
Gym 35 min.


  1. Sorry to hear about the cold J. Hopefully it won't last long.

  2. Thanks B
    Feeling much better today