Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stuck with Suzie

When I took this picture of Suzie(nickname for my P3) the day before Ironman South Africa I thought it will be the last race that we will race together and I even said so on the blog that day. Reason being I've ordered a Cervelo P4 in October 2008 and the delivery was suppose to be December but then it got postponed.

Before I continue I must add that I am not a person that complains all the time. If something bothers me or I experience an issue that upsets me I deal with it there and then and move on with my life.
I guess this post tonight is my way of dealing with the frustration I am experiencing currently and for the last 6 months. So please bear with me so I can get it out of my system and move on.

October last year I ordered a P4 and the distributors of Cervelo in South Africa asked for a deposit before they order the bike. Well I paid them the deposit they asked for (which works out to more or less 20% of the bikes price). The initial emails confirmed that I will have the bike December 2008. Well this wasn't the case and they postponed the date to late January/ early February. That date also did not materialized.

I then started sending emails and tried to get a date for delivery as Ironman SA was 2 months away and I wanted it before the IM.
They informed me then that there was a problem with the rear brake system but it is sorted and the P4 will be released soon.

After some emails they told me that I won't have the bike before IMSA as only a few frames were released in March but a big portion of frames will be available in April and May.
When I then enquired about this big portion of frames that will be available at the end of April they said that it is on it's way. I even emailed Cervelo Head office and they also did not give me a definite answer.

Well I asked for some feedback today as we are now approaching June, and 8 months since I paid the deposit and still no definite answer from Cervelo.

On Cervelo's website they say that the frame sets will be available early 2009, don't know if June still qualify as early 2009 and that is if I am getting it in June????

By coincidence I came across a website of a US bicycle retailer (very popular among Triathletes) today that had a picture of the first owner and his P4, that they delivered. The date the owner took delivery- 12 March 2009 and the distributor in SA tells me the bikes has not been released world wide?

Now where's the problem, is it Cervelo or is it their distributors in South Africa. I get the impression that Cervelo don't care about the average cyclist on the street since their bikes are in demand and it is a case of, if you want it you play by our rules or don't bother us. Currently this whole situation leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth after 3 years of enjoying my P3.

Guess I am stuck with Suzie for an indefinite period.

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