Friday, May 22, 2009

Lost and Found Counter

For those who follow my blog often, you will know that lately I've been struggling to keep the motivation going and stay positive. This can be due to a lot of thing. Being sick, tired all the time, stress at work, lack of drive after IM South Africa and so the list can go on. Being someone that always see the positive side of a situation and with a lot of drive this is quite frustrating. I am also thankful to all my friends that keeps encouraging me.

Can it then be possible to wake up one morning and all that negativity and lack of motivation are gone. Yesterday morning I woke up and just felt so good. It went to the gym and did my strength workout. During the day I also felt so pumped and last night I did my bike workout. During the last few weeks I would either do half the workouts or won't do it at all. Last time I was on the bike was Monday a week ago. I was suppose to do 1.5hr on the bike and I was so surprised to do the whole workout. I just had that feeling that I just want to carry on.

As I woke up this morning I was so scared that, that feeling was gone, but I still had that positive attitude. Both my sales managers were on a course today, so I had to be the New vehicle, Used vehicle and Dealer Principle today and I was so busy but before I knew it the day was gone. After work I went to the gym to do my swim workout. During the last few weeks I would either just drive past the gym going home or don't complete the full session because of the cold water and the swimming pool heater issues but tonight although the water was still so cold I just carried on and focused on the session.

I am working on my technique after I studied some videos since I can't find a swim coach who can assist me. Although my time is slower than normal it feels if there is less effort when swimming and as soon as the muscles get used to the proper way of swimming I believe that times will come down.

Currently I am so positive and glad that I have my motivation back. My 20 week program for Kona starts on Monday, and I can't wait to get going.

I can't believe that for the past few weeks I was so negative and had a lack of motivation and now I am so committed. It feels like I went to the Lost & Found counter Wednesday night while I was sleeping and picked up my motivation and positive attitude that I lost three weeks ago. Can it also be that your mind is so powerful knowing that your training program starts Monday and it just switched to another mode overnight, putting your body into motion for what's to come.

To all my friends helping me to get all the negativity out of my mind, Thank You.

Today I thought about what Sylvia Ashton Warner said and it's so true when you are an Ironman Triathlete. "Dreams sometimes do come true. But not without something that looks a lot like hard work"

Yesterday's workouts:

Gym: 35 min, 385 kcal
Bike: 1h30, 50 km, 135 bpm ave, 1300 kcal, 33.2 km/h, 232 watts ave

Today's workout:
Swim: 32:58, 1.5km.


  1. I wouldn't worry about it. I went through the same thing. The tough thing for you is that you didn't have much of a break before Kona training. I don't think you're in any trouble so long as for the last 12-14 weeks of the training you can keep on track. Are you able to wear a wetsuit in the pool?


  2. Hi B
    Yes i can swim with wetsuit in pool to protect against cold but as Kona is non wetsuit I am trying to improve swim without wetsuit