Sunday, December 20, 2009

0 to 15 hours in Two Weeks

Well it's the first full week of training of my 2010 season after my little mishap which delayed my 2010 season by one week. I am satisfied with my progress and consider that I had two weeks of no activity, things were not to bad this week.
I have gone from 0 hours training two weeks ago to 15 hours training this week. I only missed one run session during the week, but that doesn't bother me as I am still a bit cautious about my foot injury, which is by the way still there but not as bad as a week ago.

Thursday I was feeling it and was really tired but since then I think my body has adapted and I am not as tired anymore.

Yesterday I had a three hour bike session to do in the afternoon. It was such a sunny day but I just could not get myself to do it on the open road. With the festive season in full swing there are so many cars on the road and I don't know but I suspect a fair share of these motorist is driving under the influence.

I am not going to take a chance and decided to do it on the CompuTrainer. I guess you will get motorists that will be a threat to a cyclist during the course of the year but during December the odds are just a bit more. I will get back on the road in January when everybody is their normal self again.

Because I train on my own, I don't have that piece of mind when cycling in a group and motorist also tend to be less considered to a guy who cycling on his own on public roads.

As I commented yesterday on Twitter, this is the reason why I love dogs. As I was cycling on the trainer Eddy was sleeping next to me and even when he woke up he just lay there and watch me, talk about a loyal supporter.

The session went really well, my legs could feel it after two hours but I though it will be worse.

It was so nice to sleep in this morning and recharge the "batteries" after the week. Me an Kim went to do our last minute shopping before Christmas on Friday. I really laugh at DJ as she try to figure out what presents she is getting. My sister wrapped her present in a big box so she has no idea as she can't see the shape of it.

Bryan Payne also commented on his blog about his son guessing what presents he's getting. I just laugh as I watched her. Eddy almost made it easy for DJ. Being a 3 month old dog he just play and nibble on everything in his way. As we placed the gifts under the tree when we looked again Eddy was busy unwrapping the presents under the tree.

During this afternoons swim session I made the breakthrough I was looking for, for so long and I must thank Bryan for it. He posted a video on his blog about this young guy explaining how to swim freestyle the proper way.

This guy is not a famous swim trainer or Olympic champion but the way he explained it was in such a way that it made sense to me. Since I've started doing Triathlon and attended swim workshop nobody told me to use my forearm to pull through. Everybody just talk about catch and pull. All this time I was only using my hand to pull and not my hand and forearm.

He also talk about swinging from one side to the other. I tried it in the pool today and WOW, I did a 100 meter in 1:26. Even when I was swimming easy just by concentrating on those two things I was way faster than before. I am looking so forward on working on it and when the fitness level is there just imagine how my swim time can improve.

Getting back to race weight has also been good this week. I have lost 3kg(6.6lbs) so far and although most of it is just the weight I've gained post Kona, I am feeling much lighter. Counting the Calories is one thing that works for me but even if I have to admit this week is going to be hard, being Christmas with all these public holidays.

Weeks Totals:
Swim: 10.5km
Bike: 223km
Run: 26km
Gym: 2 sessions
Total: 259.5km, 15hours, 11334kcal.


  1. Great to see you healthy and going again.

  2. 1:26 WOW!!!! That's a major breakthrough. I'm glad you got out of the video what I did. For me breaking 1:30 would be a dream. I was reading an article that said and intermediate swimmer is 1:30 - 2:15 and an advanced is less that 1:30. I guess you can now call yourself an advanced swimmer. Great job.

    Oh yeah, and nice setup with the computrainer. The projection screen is a great idea.

  3. Jakkals
    Thanks, still a long way but it feels good to "suffer" again

  4. B
    Yes, I really need to thank you. I still need to do a lot of drills to make it stick for duration of swim but will get there and become an advanced swimmer

    The projector make it a bit easier with the indoor riding, anything to make ride not as boring as indoor riding can be.