Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome to the Family

It's been 8 weeks since Eddy has arrived and it has been a busy and hectic 8 weeks getting used to a new member of the family. We picked him up on the Sunday we arrived back from Hawaii and that will always be something I will remember. We were so tired after thirty hours plus on planes and then having very little sleep that night with a little doggy not wanting to sleep all night.

At two in the morning he was not that cute anymore. Being new to a house full of animals I think he thought "who are all these weird people and animals".
Doesn't matter if you are an animal or Human it takes time to adapt. In the beginning he was scared, lonely and very unsure of what to expect. All he did was keeping himself busy and it was not pleasant getting a cold shoulder from his roomies. Getting used to his new home also took time not knowing what is in the next room.

Amazing how it also applies to humans. Weather you are new at work, a city or sport club you first need to find your feet and get a feel for the new environment and this takes time which we don't always have. Maybe we can learn from a dog, just be patient.

Then you connect with someone which just "speak" your language and there are others who you don't like although you are polite to them. You also have those who you want to talk to but they just ignore you, but you keep on trying.
And you also have that one who you don't even bother talking to as you know it is just going to be a disaster.
I must say it took 8 weeks but Eddy is now part of the family, he is not a new member to the family anymore but part of it.

This is Kylie and she is the one Eddy don't even come close to. She is the Guard dog and stays in the back of the yard. No one and I mean no one can enter the back section of our yard. When I am around she is the most loving dog there is but don't try entering by yourself and don't think you will take a change with her if you are an animal. This is Max and it is Kim's cat. He is 15 years old and just stay in and around the house. Obviously being that old he doesn't want to play anymore and will ignore Eddy, full stop. Kim gets really cross with me when I tell her her cat is a mamma's boy. Since we got him he doesn't do things a cat is suppose to do, catching birds, mice and being outside. He just stay in the house and only go out if he needs to do his thing. And then there is Dolly, DJ's little poodle. The two of then are inseparable and DJ even carries her like a baby. She is the one Eddy connected with and they have so much fun and irritate the crap out of Kim by re-arranging all the loose carpets and decorations that's in the house when they chase one another around.

Then there is my mothers dog and cat and my sisters two cats all having a different relationship with Eddy.





On the Training side it feels so good to be finally getting something done. Although it is not much it is something. I can't believe how I lost so much in such a short time, hopefully it will be back soon. The bike session this afternoon was a moderate 1 hour but I think if it was done mid September it would have been classified as an easy recovery ride.

Today's Training:

Gym: 42min, 285kcal,

Bike: 1h00, 31km, 136bpm ave, 913kcal, 85 rpm ave. 216 watts ave


  1. Holy crap, that is a lot of animals. Actually, it would be interesting to see how they all get a long. I didn't know you lived in such a large family. haha

  2. B
    Yip it can get hectic sometime. Will post a video once I get the hang of my video posting skills.
    I've grown up in a family with lots of animals and I guess it just continued.
    My mother was breeding with Siamese cats ( there the love for them) and at a stage she had 12 cats living in the house-hectic.
    As n youngster I tried my hand at breeding anything from birds, pigeons, rabbits to dogs.

    When I met Kim she was not used to animals and it took a while for her to adapt.


  3. WOW! I have one dog and find it a chore some days! you have your hands full! good to be back at it, isnt it! happy to hear your injurie(s) are passed you and you are one the way! cheers

  4. Hey cool stuff, I ain't going in your back yard though dude, no way no how!

    I was bought up (in England) with dogs, cats, horses, chickens, geese, turkeys, and a 500 head rabbit farm. Not to mention my pet ferret and the gold fish of course.

    Now settled in Malaysia and my lovely wife HATES animals, in fact anything with hair and in particularly saliva - she only just about tolerates me by that definition.

    I'm working on my twin boys to persuade her to let them have a puppy (golden retriever), we live in hope.

  5. Simon
    People don't always understand but if you were brought up, having pets it's difficult not to have them around you all the time.

    Kids are the best to help when it comes to twisting an adults arm. Just keep on trying and soon you'll have your Retriever.