Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wise Words

The whole week I've been thinking about the conversation I had with the elderly man at the swimming pool on Sunday.

Don't know why but there was just something about him and what he told me that sticked in my head. I am not someone that remembers well but it is if the whole conversation is imprinted in my mind.

Kim will tease me and will tell people that my hard drive(brain) doesn't have a big memory and I just remember what I want and will delete old stuff as new information becomes available. She says I am going to be just like my dad and get Alzheimer's as I can't remember things and I'm not even 40.

I tell her that I only remember important things and if something is not important to me or not worth remembering I will just ignore it. I choose what I want to remember.

It is not as if he is this famous person or motivational speaker and most of his statements are nothing new to you but here's what he said.

-"Whatever you do don't stop because the older you get the harder it become to get back into shape until one day when you can't get back into shape again and you just let it go".( He has this big belly and one can see that he is very overweight)

-"Never take things for granted".

-"Enjoy Life".

-"Buy what you need, not what you want otherwise you will never be wealthy".( had me thinking there, with all my unnecessary triathlon stuff)

-"Enjoy a drink from time to time but don't let it become your boss and start pissing your money away as I did". ( Told me the old story about Biology teacher that put three worms into three different glasses. One in Whisky, one in Nicotine and one in soil. When they come back the next day the worms in the Whiskey and the Nicotine died but the worm in the glass filled with soil is still alive. When she asked class what do you learn from this, Johnny replied, If you drink and smoke mam, you won't get worms)

-"There is life after death"( He told me about his triple heart bypass operation and that there were complications and he was clinically dead for two minutes, and he did experience something amazing during that time which he can't explain but it was amazing).


  1. Funny, just yesterday I was thinking about what he said about not quitting that you posted earlier. I think that's the best advice I've ever heard about exercise.

  2. B
    Yes funny that sometimes words just mean so much more and it don't even sound special but it just somehow applies to you.

    Will remind myself of those words when I ever want to stop.

  3. Just in case you dont remember me, but I am the guy who often wasted your working time at office with some triathlon visits...hehe! Great read!

  4. Jakkals
    Yes, I still remember you, you are the one that keeps me motivated to push that little extra.