Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just couldn't wait any Longer

"Hi, my name is Tri-Stemmet and I am a Tri-coholic". Guess this is what I will be saying if I ever have to attend an AA meeting.

They say that you get addicted to exercise and I can confirm that. After my slight mishap the week before last I wasn't allowed to exercise for two weeks due to me having concussion. Having issues with my foot made the decision easier and last week I did nothing.

But since this past weekend I was becoming irritated, grumpy, restless, call it what you want but I was not happy and something was missing. I kept reminding myself that I need to take it easy this week and can start training again next week but the more I was thinking about doing nothing this week the worse it became.

Eventually I cracked under the pressure today and did an easy one hour on the CompuTrainer.
When I came home after work I told Kim I am going to get on the bike. I thought she was going to give me the "you are only allowed to start training next week" speech but she just said OK. I think she couldn't take it anymore more with me just sitting around and irritating everybody.

As I was going along during the session I just concentrated on keeping my heart rate below my Threshold rate and enjoyed every minute of it. After the session I didn't even look at the power file, I was just happy to be sweating again.

All I can say is the next week or two is not going to be easy getting back in shape but I will take a blood, sweat and tears training session any day instead of just sitting around. Apart from loosing form I am also gaining weight by the day and although I try and eat as healthy as possible it is just so difficult if you are not training.

I can't wait to get to the pool tomorrow and see where I am at, regarding my swim level. The only good thing about being a bad swimmer is I don't loose that much in the pool. I've seen in the past that when I return to training after my off season, swimming is the discipline where I don't loose that much.

Today's session
Bike: 1H02, 32km, 922 kcal, 130 bpm ave.


  1. I feel your pain. I'm in my 2nd week of post op recovery. So frustrating sitting at home waiting for the stitches to come out and the wound to heal. All I want to do is get out there. Even when it's raining and 5'C I wish I could be training. Nearly there.

    Becoming an Ironman certainly requires an addiction to exercise.

  2. Happy that you are back at it! don't push to hard until you get the green light from doctor, concussion can be serious(sorry to be like a mom)! enjoy the workout and welcome back!! Cheers

  3. Hi Maloy
    Sorry to hear about your injury.
    Good luck with recovery, stay stong and focussed.

  4. Hi John
    Thanks for message, will take it easy, "Mom". haha
    Think the lung capacity won't allow for any hard sessions

  5. Knowing you I think you will take it easy for one session, if it feels good...BANG! Hammer down! Good luck bussy, go kick some butt

  6. Couldn't wait huh? Can't say I'm surprised or can't blame you either I'd have been the same. By the way,your wife's attitude towards it was really cool, nice one Kim!

  7. Simon
    Don't know if she knew what I was thinking and just threw a curve ball, but she surprised me that's for sure.

    Thanks, really needed some training to keep me sane.