Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fixed up

Luckily for me, my seat post clamp is fixed and I don't have an excuse to miss bike training during this crazy time of the year.

Riaan my workshop manager could not help me as the part was to small and delicate for his machines. Luckily his uncle is an engineer who builds Helicopter parts. When he realized that he was not going to come right he took the part to his uncle and this morning I went with him to fetch it.

His uncle is amazing and even with his engineering factory closed he went in specially and manufactured the part for me. He even made an extra one in case one breaks.

I was absolutely amazed when I saw his operation. He has sole rights to repair all the Oryx Helicopters in South Africa when ever some mechanical part breaks. He told me what it cost to build a helicopter's gearbox from a block of metal. This factory was just mind blowing, all the engineering tools are computerized and you can eat of that floor, that's how clean it is inside.

Talking to him was so interesting, giving me all these info on how they rebuild Helicopter parts and the processed involved. With the World Cup coming to SA next year he is so busy getting all the helicopters 100% for next year. I can't remember the exact number but all VIPs are going to be transported by helicopter and that's a lot.

After I fitted the new clamp tonight I was on my bike and did my one hour high cadence spin session. After the session I measured the seat and it didn't move a millimeter. One thing I don't need to worry about anymore.

I had a challenging day at work but hey it's the crazy season and one can expect that. One of the drivers bumped a clients car in the parking area and yes guess what? All the Panel shops are closed and only opens January 11. Luckily the client understands.

Salaries and bonuses were also paid to the staff today and it was just confirmed to me again. You get winners and then you get whiners. With the current economic situation which is not the same as two years ago, we could not pay huge bonuses but everyone did get a bonus.

It is amazing that the staff members that perform well are the ones coming to thank you for the bonus even if it is not as big as in the past. And guess what the under performers are the ones complaining about there bonus. I was absolutely shocked when one staff member who is currently on leave phoned to query his bonus.

There is a saying "I don't get mad, I get even" which I seriously considered today but I guess one will always have this situation with people that always want more even if the don't deserve it.

Luckily on the training side I had no negativity and I had a good day. I did my tempo run this morning and the easy bike tonight.

Training Today:
Run: 50min, 9.7km, 143bpm, 841kcal
Bike: 1hr, 32km, 124bpm, 818kcal

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  1. J, funny on the staff bonus stuff. I'm with you. I used to get mad at those that feel intitled. I find those are the ones that are most miserable in their lives anyway. Karma's a bitch. haha.