Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Days

Today it is 30 days until Kona. I can't believe it's so close, it was just the other day that it was 100 days to go.

Luckily training has been going well this week after last weeks slight hick up with a slight cold. I've done almost the same hours up to today then what I did the whole of last week. This weekend is my last big weekend with a 7.5 hours brick session on Saturday and a 2h40 run on Sunday. I will see how close I can get to the 7.5 hours as I am a bit worried about my cycling at this stage. As I said last week the leg speed is not there yet. Hopefully that will come soon as my power phase of my strength training ended last week and this week I began my Chisel phase.

Chisel phase meaning no "heavy"( triathlete heavy) weights anymore but lighter weights at a faster repetition

This mornings gym session was good and I enjoyed tonight's speed bike training (if one can enjoy those sessions). It was a 15 minute warm up, 20 minute Time Trial, 8 x 30 sec all out with a 15 minute warm down.

I finally got my new Asics today. What a mission to get them as almost every running shop in South Africa are out of there old stock but haven't received their new shipment. Can't wait for tomorrow mornings easy run, funny how you're looking forward to a session if you bought new stuff.

Talking about Kona, everything has finally been arranged and paid for. I will post our itinerary soon for our trip half way round the world. I'm really excited about it especially for Dejone's sake as she is really looking forward to the trip. She even made me a card thanking me for taking her along on holiday. It's small things like the card that make all the training worth while. The only downside is that for her and Kim it's a three week holiday but my holiday only starts October 11.

Training up to Thursday:

Swim: 7 km
Bike: 128 km
Run: 31 km
Gym: 1 session
Total: 9h40, 6669 kcal.

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