Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On our way to LA

Our 2 day trip to London has come to an end and we are on our way to the airport to fly to Los Angeles.

The two days in London was busy but awesome. The only bad part was that I had an upset stomach yesterday and could not train.

I suppose if you are use to eating very healthy and you are then exposed to airline food and take outs for a day your stomach don't appreciate it.

Later in the day I felt better but then it was to late to do any training.

It was a real challenge doing sightseeing with an upset stomach.

We visited the Madame Tassaud wax museum yesterday, stopped at Buchingham Palace and Big Ben.

Last night we went to a football match between Crystal Palace and Sheffield Wednesday. Although they are two 1st division teams it was a great experience.

The match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Kim wanted to organize her handbag are with a shock she discovered her pepper spray in her bag. So much for airport security. She passed South Africa and Heathrow security and no one picked it up!!!!!!

Now it's the long haul to LA and our homestay with Nina and Dana Jack. Really looking forward to it.

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