Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thanks for cutting your hand, Sis

Things happen for a reason and even if it seems like a bad thing it can turn out as something that happen with a purpose. My sister cut her hand while preparing dinner during the week and although she thought it was OK, it was not and my mother had to take her to the doctor the next day to get some stitches.

While they were at the doctor my mother asked the doctor while she's there if she can just give her a repeat script for her high blood pressure medicine. When the doctor took my mothers blood pressure she nearly went into shock. It was according to the doctor so high that my mother could have a stroke any minute.

When my mother told the doctor that her medicine's been finish for a while and she didn't have time to come for her script the doctor went crazy. That's when she told the doctor that she's been not using her medicine for two months now, without us knowing.

They immediately gave my mother some medicine and monitored her blood pressure until they felt it was safe for her to go.

Needless to say me and my sister went ballistic and gave my mother a good pep talk. I said to my mother if she wants to be daredevil she must go and work at the circus. She was not happy with me but it was necessary.

Here's my mother relaxing during tonight's Rugby game and having normal blood pressure again.

Last night's swim training was a near puke session. Just as I finished my warm up Caroline who was in the lane next to me ask me if I'm doing any particular set tonight. I said yes it's my speed session tonight. BIG mistake, she said O, I'm also doing my speed session tonight so why don't you join me. These words I regretted for the rest of the session.

We started with 20 x 25m all out leaving on 40 seconds. After that it was 3 x 150meters leaving on 15 seconds. As we finished I thought it was tough but not that bad. That's when the shock came. She said, OK done with 1 set another two to go. We ended up doing 3 sets of 20 x 25m all out with 3 x 150m. During the second set Billy joined us and did the last one and a half set with us. He is doing his first half Ironman in January next year.

While I was doing it, it was so bad trying to keep up with her as she kicked our butt and finish 5 meters in front of us every time, but the good news is I manage to do most of the 25's in under 20 seconds with a best of 17 seconds. My previous best for a 25m was 20s but that was a once off.

During my long bike today I just had enough when a truck driver turned right in front of me. I had to pull so hard on the brakes but could not stop in time and had to swerve out and almost hit an oncoming car. That's when I decide to turn around and give the truck driver a piece of my mind. Luckily this happened in town and as hard as I chased him I could not catch him until he got caught by a red light. I pulled up next to him and asked him to roll down his window.

I gave him a good lecture of road rules and that cyclist have the same rights as motorist. I did not yell or swear at him but I was very serious and maybe a bit loud. He acknowledge that he took a chance as he though I was not going that fast and said he was sorry. He promised me that he will be more careful in future. If he only said that to please me I don't know but it made me feel better.

Today's Brick session felt good and my legs aren't that tired anymore. Must be the "heavy" weights during strength training that's something of the past.


  1. J, few comments:
    1. Good thing about your mom, high blood pressure is VERY serious, they call it the silent killer. Everything happens for a reason.
    2. The shoes, that sucks. It's interesting because I always ran is Asics, then I bought the exact same model and started to get blisters, when I changed to another style of Asics, they went away. I wonder if Asics has changed something.
    3. Good job on the truck driver. You may have saved one else's life. Great control.
    4. Your swim is awesome. I can't believe your ripping those times.
    5. Have fun at the Kings game. Go 10 - 20 seats up and either to the left or right of the net. That way you'll be able to see the entire rink and all the fighting in the corners, and you won't even have to twist your neck.
    6. Sounds like training is going good, except the foot. You must be excited.


  2. Hi B
    Thanks for the comments.
    Yip the shoes are a real pain, I've cut the side walls and they're working great. will post soon about that, but i think i will use newtons for the race

    The game we are going to watch is the Anaheim Ducks vs the Minnesota Wild. only game that's being played while we're in LA. Never been to a hockey game so we're there just for the experience. need to study the rules?

    Yip training is going great. its the first time since joining MAO that I have that feeling where you can feel the impovement in fitness.