Friday, September 18, 2009

n Boer maak n Plan

We have a saying in Afrikaans "n Boer maak n Plan" which translates to the following.

"Whatever it takes, you(boer) will make a plan" (during the task you are struggeling with to make it work)

"Boer" is what the Afrikaans people used to be called as our ancestors were farmers and they trekked around the country exploring new ventures.

With my new shoes chafing me on the side I could not justify it to go and buy a new pair of shoes and keep testing shoes until I could find the right pair. So I cut the side of the shoe away where it was chafing me. Since then I've done more than 2 hours of pain free running.

It does not look that good but it's working and the shoe will be fine for the next three weeks of training. After this last episode of shoe troubles I've decided to use the Newton Racers in Kona.

I am only getting them in Kona but I have a week to run them in and I've seen with the first pair of Newtons it took me three runs and I was fine.

The Newton is a great shoe and very light and it was only during the high mileage weeks that I experienced the pain in my lower calf. I am sure they will be fine for the race.

Tri Travel, the company who is arranging the trip and accommodation in Kona keeps sending emails with free stuff. It is awesome getting all these stuff. Will post on that later.

During my recovery (easy) run this morning it was such an awesome sight to see the sun rise. The photo does not do it justice as the sun was already too high. Earlier as it was rising it was just magnificent and I didn't even look at my heart rate monitor and just enjoyed the run.

This weekend is my last big weekend with a 6.5 hour brick session on Saturday and a 2h20 run on Sunday. From next week it's all downhill with the sessions getting shorter by the day.


  1. Good thinking, hope the last big weekend goes well.

  2. Thank Devin.
    Counting the training session, not that many left.