Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tri Travel, just keep on giving

We are using Tri Travel as the tour operator during our 13 day stay in Kona and am I glad we chose them. From the beginning the service was just excellent. During the past month they've also been sending emails with all these freebies.

First it was the free pair of Newton shoes for every athlete in the tour group. You had the choice of any Newton shoe and I decided to go for the ones I am used to, the Racers.

Next up was the Louis Garneau Superleggera Helmet for every athlete at this ridiculous price. As my current aero helmet is black with little air vents, I went for the special deal. Don't think my helmet will be ideal for Hawaii's temperatures. During IM South Africa when the temperatures were in the mid 30's I could feel that I am cooking in the helmet. With the Superleggera it is light in colour and have 5 massive air vents. I got the helmet for $120 less than the retail price. The only condition of the sale is you must wear it on race day but that's no issue.

Yesterday I got another email giving every member in the group (athlete and spectator) a Timex Ironman watch. Don't know what Kim and Dejone are going to use theirs for?

Apart from the above every member is also getting a goodie bag worth over $200 from them. For our family in total it is almost $1000 worth of free stuff.

That's not were it stops. When I collected our post this morning the itinerary from Tri Travel was in the post. On the Tuesday before the race they are hosting a breakfast with an information session with the following athletes to give advice, Michellie Jones, Luke Bell, Chris Legh and Mitch Anderson.

And on the Sunday after the race we are having another breakfast with last years champion Craig Alexander to talk about the previous day's race.

Can't wait to meet all these Pro's

This morning before my long bike we went to Chantelle's house to meet Eddy, my new dog. Chantelle and Kim are working together. It is a Jack Russel and I will only be getting him when we get back from Hawaii. He was just over a week old today. Between Kim and Dejone, I lost the battle with giving him a name and they out voted me.

I've ordered a Triathlon dog shirt for him from Nina. Nina and her husband Dana is from Los Angeles and is hosting us for one night before we fly out to Kona. Her business is designing and manufacturing anything Triathlon related.

Training is still on track and I don't know if I just had enough of all these long hours training or if I can't wait any longer but I am starting to count the number of exercises that remains. Don't know if it's good or bad. After tomorrow's session I have 10 training sessions left for each discipline.

Feels good having only 30 sessions left if you consider when I started with the 20 week program there were more than 280 sessions to be done. Obviously I did not do all of then due to work issues and being sick but I did the bulk of it. This morning was also my last weight training session.

Got an email from my coach which said that you should start to feel a bit sluggish but it's all part of the program and no need to worry. My only worry is that I don't feel sluggish during my training yet and even today doing my 6.5 hour brick session I had so much power and energy. No tired legs or high heart rate.

Know it sound funny but I hope I will start to feel a bit sluggish soon.


  1. Ek volg jou blog al so do laaste 2 maande. Ek ken jou nie maar het per toeval op jou blog afgekom. Ek bly die laaste 2 jaar al in die Cayman Eilande en was April 2009 Suid Afrika toe om Ironman Suid Afrika te doen.

    Ek wil net vir jou baie sterkte toe wens vir Kona. Ek het 'n vriend hier in Cayman wat ook gekwalifiseer het vir Kona in die 35-39 age group.

    Johan Heath

  2. Hi Johan
    Dankie vir die boodskap.
    ek neem aan jy is n Suid Afrikaner, hoe gebeur dit dat jy op die Cayman eilande bly?

    is seker heel lekker daar

  3. Your new puppy is motivation alone to get back safe well and happy from Kona! Good luck and I am sorry to miss you as you travel through London. Enjoy my city (and my home state)!