Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's next, Barefoot running?

My running shoe problems just can't be resolved. I got my new Asics on Thursday and did an easy run with them on Friday morning. It did chafe me a bit on the side but I thought it was because they're new. Yesterday during my brick session it chafe me more and I started to worry.

During what was suppose to me my long run today it was a disaster. It chafe me so much that I only concentrated on running in such a way that it does not hurt. I was suppose to do 2h40 but could only manage 1h25. After one hour it was so bad that I decided to turn back home.

Don't know why it's happening as I bought a size 11 the exact same size I've been running with for years. The whole shoe saga is a mystery to me. I ran for five years with Asics size 11 with no problems, no chafing, foot pain, blisters, nothing. No previous Asics did this and were fine from kilometer one. Then I start running with Zoots and Newtons for five months and when I return to Asics this happens.

At this stage I'm frustrated and worried as I don't know what to do. Maybe the last option is to go barefoot running???

Apart from the shoe's that's got be in a tail spin the whole week has been super. I could stick to all my training and the best feeling this week was on the bike as it feels if my leg speed is coming back and I don't have that heavy leg feeling on my long rides anymore.

After yesterday's long brick session I felt great and it only struck me after a while that I did more kilometers than what is waiting for me at IM and I could manage a 4:50 min/km run after the bike during my 30 minute run.

I received an email from Tri travel finalizing the arrangements and also giving some insight into the swim, bike and run course. According to them you climb 1678 meters during the bike course. Well during yesterday's bike session I gained 1610 meters and the legs felt strong.

I don't go for massages often but I've gone for a leg massage on Friday and will have a leg massage once a week for the following four weeks, exactly the same as beginning of the year when I was preparing for IM South Africa.

Weeks Training:
Swim: 12.5 km
Bike: 301 km
Run: 62.8 km
Weights: 2 sessions
Total: 21 hours, 376 km, 15026 kcal