Friday, December 18, 2009

Now that's a Fast "Transition"

Yesterday someone broke into the Dealership and got away with one and a half Pc. They took one persons Pc and only a screen from another persons table.

What amazed me was that the person was in and out and gone within 2 minutes. Now that is very fast. Breaking the window, stealing two Pc's and get away within two minutes.

The report from the security company shows that the reaction unit was at the dealership in 1 minute 55 seconds from when they received the alarm signal.

I think I must get some tips or advice from that thief. to get my transition time below two minutes.

The training is spot on for the week so far and yesterday was a gym session and a 1h15 tempo bike session. The gym session before work was good and I can feel that the strength is coming back.

After work I was so tired, not only physical but mentally I was drained. Apart from the break in that is not a nice thing to experience me and the one director sat down and decided on Christmas bonuses for the staff. As we are a private company and not a corporate one we don't have a structure and policy that determine every ones bonus.

Being a private company we obviously need to see if there is money in the bank to allow for bonuses. Then we also have the difficulty to decide how much every employee gets as we base the bonuses on performance and attitude throughout the year.

When I got home I had dinner and decided to lay on the bed for a while just to get some energy and motivation. I never do this and always do my training immediately after work but I knew a tempo bike session is hard and I won't make it if I get on the bike immediately.

After a very short half hour nap, or sort of a nap I got onto the bike and was feeling much better. Towards the end of the session I was struggling to keep my heart rate between 138 and 147bpm but that is obviously the fitness that is not there yet.

Yesterdays Training:
Gym: 46min, 451kcal,
Bike: 1h15, 42km, 141bpm, 1231kcal, 80 rpm,

Calories Burned: 3602
Calories Consumed: 2435
Ratio C/P/F: 62/14/24


  1. We can all work on our transitions Johan. Maybe the thief was a triathlete? ;o) Enjoy your holidays! Robby

  2. J, this past year we had our plant broken into twice and they took 6 computers each time. When they broke in the first time and take computers they often will come back and do it a second time because they know there will be new computers. That's what happened to us. Within 5 days they broke in a second time.

    Glad to hear I'm not alone on the tiredness. Last week was my first and I was super tired. This week is not so bad. Hopefully next week is easier for you as well.

  3. WOW! fast thieves adn fast repsonse! that is great tunraround. Good to hear training is going well! starting to get the odd time when I can relate to being tired. SKi season and a couple of days fo week on snow should get me there quick! Cheers

  4. Robby
    thanks, enjoy your holiday

  5. B
    Yes that's what they also do here. Wait untill you get new stuff and hit you again. We are thinking of getting a night guard over the festive season.

    I can remember last year after the off season I was so tired for the first week or two when I was back at it. Luckily I know it will be gone soon as soon as body adapts

  6. John
    Yes they were very fast, must be Pro's (haha)
    Always forget about these tiredness at start of season but will soon be used to it