Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decisions and Comparisons

Said to Kim this morning I won't mind if she can go and run the car dealership and I will become a "House Daddy". I had an awesome time this week at home before we start our road trip to PE tomorrow and can sure do this for a living.

Having so much time on hand I finished packing early and I can safely say that I have EVERYTHING. If anyone down in PE need spare parts or gear, just shout I have plenty spare and can almost open a Tri shop. That's the problem driving down instead of flying I take more than what I actually need to.

My training for the day was an easy bike session and also a swim session. It was overcast and cold today and I had to take a chance on the timing when to do my bike ride. Last thing I wanted is to get wet and have a hard time on the wet and slippery roads.

It worked out perfectly and I managed to do my bike ride in cold but sunny weather. This afternoon I did my last swim session in the pool and my next one will be in the sea. It was an easy swim with 3x250m and 2x300m as the main set.

Still need to make a decision on what cassette to use on Sunday but it will depend on the wind. Last year I used a 12/23 but I felt that I missed the 11. The advantage of the 12/23 is that it has a 18 and comes in handy at the cadence I spin at. It will either be the 12/23 or the 11/23 but then I will loose the 18.

I did my usual comparison of my training totals from the previous IM's. Usually it will give me some form of motivation even if the numbers aren't looking that great.

My Ironman training blocks consists of 20 weeks and here's some comparisons of the last 19 weeks of training between Ironman South Africa 2009, Ironman Hawaii 2009 and this year.

One thing I am happy about is that this is the first 19 week training block whereby I didn't get Flu or a Cold. Must be the right amount of training, or my immune system is getting stronger or I didn't train hard enough. Only break was the two weeks during November, early December when I had concussion.

I've swam 19 kilometer less than IMSA09 (that's a kilo a week) and 11 kilometer less than Kona.

I've biked 219 kilometers more than IMSA09 and 13 kilometers more than Kona.

I've ran exactly the same kilometers than during IMSA09 training, actually 500 meters more(fricken weird) and only 2 kilometers less than Kona.

But at the end of the day it is what matters on the day of the race. I could have done more or less doesn't matter, if I am feeling good on the day I will have a great race but if things don't work out on race day it can be a very long day.

O and this time I am prepared and have more than enough Mars Bars for the bike leg. Not gonna run around and look for my bike nutrition the day before the race( Bryan and Simon this picture is specially for you, haha)


  1. Costco for a box of Mars Bars here I come. haha.

  2. B
    Go get them B haha, knew you would love it. And please don't mistake them for Milky Way bars, they just aint the same