Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Same old Same

Yesterday morning I was really tired I was just not up to any training. Don't know if it was the long weekend or the miserable weather during the weekend as it was raining all the time.

When I told Kim about the way I feel lately her remark was "That's exactly how you felt last year"

I couldn't remember and decided to have a look at my blog post from last year just before Ironman. And yes Kim is right, if you read the posts leading up to Ironman South Africa, all the things I am experiencing currently is nothing new.

Funny how soon I forget but the tiredness, craving for junk food and the lack of motivation to train is nothing new. I think because their was an Ironman (which was very special and because it was abroad)between this one and last years Ironman SA I can't remember all these symptoms leading up to Ironman.

It was so amazing reading all these posts and experiencing exactly the same thing a year later. Hope the pattern stays the same as last year, because I soon felt better and had a great race. I even saw one post where I emailed MarkAllenonline asking for advice about the way I feel and their advice was to cut back the distance on the workouts for a day or two, get some more sleep and I should feel better.

I think I am going to keep the motion going but just cut back on the duration-same as last year.

Above is a picture of the Donuts I've been craving for the past few days. Eventually went to the Donut shop on Monday and bought some, think the craving is over now.

As I said training's been really hard lately and when I say hard I mean Physiologically and not physically.

Yesterday I could manage the moderate bike but was mentally drained as I had to do it indoors on the trainer as it was raining. I had to swim later the day but with the cold rainy weather I was just not feeling up to it.

This morning was suppose to be my speed run session but that also went out the door.

Sunday's Training:
Run: 2h20, 28.2km.

Monday's Training:
Bike: 2h30, 80.2km, 123bpm,

Tuesday's Training:
Rest day.


  1. You're almost there and we all know you're going to have an awesome race. Do what you did last year and you don't need to question the prep. Most of all - KEEP SMILING

  2. I've also noticed some mood swings and feeling slightly deflated. I guess a big chunk of the work is done which the body needs to absorb. The rest is all mind games. I laughed when I saw the donuts - I have been tempted by far too many chocolates this Easter! Now is the time to rest up and recharge the batteries. Hang in there JS!

  3. J, I'm with yah. You know what your doing, there's no advice I could give that you don't know already. Your trained hard, you can't get in any better shape. Now it's all mental. Rest can only do good.

    I have a feeling your going to "light it up" at IMSA. Can hardly wait to watch you.

    Funny about craving carbs and junk food, me too. Damn, again, those donuts look "unbelievably" good. Yum, Yum.


  4. Simon
    Thanks man, appreciate

  5. Rob
    Yes the time is close and as you say it's more mind games than anything else.
    Had to instruct Kim to hide or not buy any sweets. Like a Hoover when I am in the kitchen

  6. B
    Yes it's almost time and feels like a waiting game at this stage.
    The Donuts were amazing but problem is the craving is still there