Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a number

Ironman South Africa's race numbers were released this week and I am number 1304 comes 25 April. For some people it's just a number you use for race day but for me it's something more than just a number.

When they issue the numbers I get that feeling that things are now at the final stage of my preparation and that there is no turning back anymore. I always like to see if the number I get have a special number in it or relates to numbers of our families birthdays, wedding days etc.

This year I guess it's just a number as 1,3,0,4 don't relate to any special days. Guess nr.1 is always special but so too is nr.0. Don't wanna be a 0.

Another week closer to IM and the training is going good. Wednesday's moderate run was something else. As I left for work it was pouring down with rain in Springs but when I arrived in Witbank it wasn't raining and no signs of rain. I started my 1h25 run and after 30 minutes the rain came from nowhere.

It wasn't just rain it was a freak storm and it was the worse rain/storm I ever ran in. I wanted to stop at a garage and wait for it to pass but as I was already wet I decided to carry on. The streets were under water and in some streets I was running in above ankle height deep water. I could not run normal and move my legs forward, I had to lift them out of the water, place them in front of me and lift the under one out of the water.

When I eventually got home, Kim was worried sick and even drove the route I usually run to see if she can find me. Somehow we missed each other as I had to run back home using different streets as the ones I usually use were so badly flooded I couldn't use them. Amazing that when I got home the storm was over and it was just a slight drizzle. Even with my unusual run style, dodging cars during the storm and running in rivers I could amazingly still average just about 5min/km

With today being a holiday I had a relaxing day going to Church early this morning and then I did my bike session. With the gym not open today I swop my swim and bike session. I did the bike session on the Computrainer as it was raining outside. Don't mind running in the rain but cycling can become a bit dangerous, especially with the famous, unskilled truck drivers we have.

Later this afternoon I did my easy 40 minute run in the rain. It wasn't raining that hard and it was actually quite a nice run. It was an easy run and my heart rate needed to be under 137 all the time. I kept it at the 130 range and was running a sub 5min/km pace. What was amazing was that during the 30 seconds walk intervals my heart rate dropped to the 100-110 range.

Tomorrow I have a 6 hour bike ride on the schedule and I hope the weatherman is wrong. They predict that the rain will continue and doing 6 hours on the Computrainer indoors is mentally so hard on you. I also need to fit in my last gym session and my Friday swim session. Gonna be a full day of training.

I got me and Kim tickets for the Soccer World Cup opening concert featuring a lot of international and local bands but to me the highlight is going to be the Black Eyed Peas. DJ is very upset with me as I didn't get her a ticket. When she saw the tickets she asked why their are only two tickets. I said it for me and your mother. Her reply: Now where's mine. Every reason I gave as why she is not going she had an answer for me.

She wants to come along and wants me to get her a ticket but Kim says it's our night out. I am now right in the middle and know one of the two ladies of my life is not going to be happy with me whatever decision I make.
As I said last weekend I believe was one of last BBQ's we had before winter is with us. Here is Eddy jumping with DJ on the trampoline.

DJ is still learning all the features of the video camera and is getting better everyday. Funny but the camera in my face all the time doesn't bother me anymore. Can almost be a contender on Big Brother so used to the camera I am now.


  1. J, having the number 13 has aways been a great omen for me. Hope it is for as well. World cup soccer (er football), awesome. We'll be glued to the TV all of June. Can't imagine what it's like having it in your backyard.

  2. Sounds like a good run! WOW!~ a little more rain and you could have done your swim at the same time! Lucky you , the football in your backyeard! that should be both a great night and an exciting tournament!