Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ironman South Africa, a Family Day

Most of the fuss about Ironman and completing Ironman is about me and how hard it was and how fast I wanted to go and what I achieved or didn't achieve. But Ironman is a Family day, if it is not for my family supporting me during the day it will be one brutal but very boring day.

Here are some pictures of "Team Stemmet" on the day from the early start before the race until after my race finished. Picture above of DJ getting some Video shots before the race start.

Heloise, my sister getting the camera ready before the start.

DJ decided to take her scooter along this year, said she was tired walking last year. Great idea, used it to keep me company for few meters on every run loop. She also said last year I didn't see her at finish and brought her Anaheim Ducks Finger along which she got last year in LA at Hockey game

Waiting for Tri-Stemmet

Gerhard making a dash to get across road before he get run over by Ironman athlete. Said to him when I saw photo it looks like he was participating by looking at the picture.

Must be a very long day, still waiting for Daddy with Video camera in hand and now starting to bite nails. Was she hungry or was it nerves?

My mother and sister waiting next to bike/run route

Some funny moments the athletes don't see on race day. A police officer and her horse waking up a Homeless guy and the horse checking out his lunch.
Need to teach Eddy this trick. Kim said that the guy biked up and down in the street with his dog standing on his back. His front paws holding on to the guy's neck and the back one use the pants as support. I thought he was strapped to the guy but the family say no he is standing like this on his own.
Now you know from who I learned to use Mars Bars on the bike. Yes got the nutrition tip about Mars Bars from a Team TBB athlete. Can you spot the Mars Bar in the back pocket of Caroline Steffen who finished 2nd on the day.

Passing the family on the bike leg.

And Giving DJ a High Five.

And another High Five to DJ, this time on run leg.

Heloise, Gerhard and DJ waiting for me to pass. Nice thing about run leg is it i s 3 loops so family can see you 6 times during run.

After the race going home, needed a driver as I was not able to drive myself.

When we drove back to Witbank yesterday we talked about how long the day can be for the spectators and family and Kim asked me what will you do if you aren't racing and are a spectator.
I didn't know what to say as it never crossed my mind but eventually said I most probably be supporting the particular family member who is racing but the only difference is I will have a few beers to make the day a bit shorter.
Below is a short video clip as I finish the race and sharing some High 5's with the family, thanks guys for spending the long day waiting for me to finish. Appreciate!


  1. Great write up, without the support team, where would we be? You do realize that in all likelihood you will be waiting for DJ at a similar event someday?

  2. Johan I loved this post, the pictures of your family and you racing and the video at the end.

  3. Awesome post Johan! what kind of triathletes would we be without are awesome spouses supporting are insanity! Way to go!

  4. Caratunk Girl
    Yes I was thinking of that, one of these days we will either do some Tri's together or I will be the spectator

  5. Thanks Adena
    Glad you like it

  6. John
    Yes we need their support if we want to succeed

  7. When is Gerhard doing his first race?! Excellent form there.....

    Thanks for the great pics. Rob

  8. Rob
    Trying to convince him but still no luck. He is into Golf and off road motorbikes. He was track athlete at school so I think he will get the hang of it quickly