Thursday, April 15, 2010

Priceless Moment

Yesterday as I opened my lunch box at work I found this note from DJ in it. With Kim being away this week I've been really busy trying to fit everything in from training to getting DJ ready for school and sorting out her lunch box.

It was really one of those priceless moments when I got the note. I phoned her when school was out and thanked her for the note and said to her that it really made my day. She said that she can see I am really busy doing all these things and helping her and it's just something to show she appreciate it.

Yesterday was one of those training days where I had to fit all three disciplines into the day, even with this week being a taper week. The sessions aren't big but it still take up a lot of time. I did a speed session early in the morning with the main set being 3x5 minutes all out.

The evening I first had a school meeting and after my meeting my sister and mother went to the school as they had a Revue meeting. DJ didn't want to attend the meeting with them and she asked if she can join me on the school track for my speed run session.

I ran to the sport ground for my warm up, about a 10 minute run. My mother dropped her off at the track just as I was starting my main session. The main set was 4000m, running the straights fast and jogging the bends of the track.

When I saw the training schedule at first I thought it can't be that tough but it is quite a challenge running 100m fast(almost flat out) and jogging 100m at a steady pace and doing it non stop.

DJ was running alongside me when I was doing the 100 meter jog and would then jog back to where we started and as I pass by after a lap she will jog with me again. This way she did 1km.

After I finished the set we ran back home as a warm down. With our house being about 2km away from the school, DJ did a total of 3km for the night.

When we got home we changed into our swimming gear and headed to the gym for my swim session. DJ wanted to come along and swim a few lengths as she is doing Ironkids next weekend and haven't been in the pool lately.

I did a nice 2km taper swim consisting of 15x100m at a moderate pace, not going all out. I was really surprised to see I could maintain 1:35-1:38 per 100 meter without going all out and being out of breath. DJ did about 150m but as she said she need to swim more often as she was tired after those few laps in the pool.

Today was a rest day and it was amazing not to wake up at 4am in the morning, almost felt like a holiday to me. That was I suppose the only good thing about the day. Amazing that today was just the opposite to yesterday.

First I went to the chemist to get salt tabs for Ironman, no stock so I had to drive to another one and another one before I got some. The battery on my Polar foot pod died last night and I couldn't find ONE, size 2430 battery for my pod in Springs, will get one the weekend in Witbank. Then I had to go and pick up my bike in Midrand. Two, as metioned before ARROGANT truck driver collided on the freeway which meant a 45 minute drive became a 2h30 drive.

The highway was a total mess, don't know when or if these truck drivers are going to start driving responsible. The one day where I don't have any training on my schedule I get home just before 8pm!

Tomorrow is another 3 discipline training day for me and maybe with some training on the schedule the day will turn out great. Ah I guess it will as it's my last day at work before I take some time off before Ironman.


  1. Great story and moment with the note she gave you in your lunchbox!! gives me some Hope:)
    Good luck this week with your preparation.

  2. love the lunchbox treats! all your hardwork has not gone unnoticed!

  3. Being a super Dad and super Ironman is not easy, but some has to do it. Not long to go now. It's going to be F-U-N!!

  4. Wow, very nice from DJ. See all those beating you give her, don't mean a thing. haha.