Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a wonderful (Rest) day

The unscheduled rest day I took on Tuesday did me wonders and I feel fresh and motivated again. I also cut back on my Wednesday training and only did 3km swim instead of 4km and my run was 50 minutes instead of 1h15.

The only problem I am still having is the food craving but I am controlling it in some sort of way but not entirely. It's not that I am eating myself to death but it's just the occasional urge to have something sweet or salty. My weight is still fine and although I am not losing weight I am not gaining. It doesn't bother me to much as I don't want to loose more weight at this stage.

This mornings bike training session was a good one and as I posted on the blog a year ago I prefer the shorter harder session any day now instead of the long steady lower heart rate session.

The main set after the warm up was 2x2 minute all out with 15seconds rest in between followed by a 12 minute Time Trial. I had to do two sets of this. As it was an all out session my eyes weren't glued to the heart rate monitor and I focused on the wattage reading. Usually I need to monitor the heart rate and watts but today I concentrated on the power reading.

I was really happy that first of all I could maintain a higher power reading for the duration of the 2 minute and 12 minute periods than before and secondly I was happy as I could build the power towards the end and not fade.

During the final few weeks before an Ironman I book a massage once a week to help with the tired and tight muscles. This year I am using a physiotherapist in the town instead of going to the health spa and I am really impressed with him.

First of all he is close to the dealership which makes it easy to visit him but secondly he really knows what he's doing. Not the kind who just want to push needles into me or strap a machine onto the tired legs.

He works the muscles and this morning I could feel that my legs weren't sore and tight as it's been the past few weeks. He suggested that I come and see him twice a week instead of once a week to help me.

Right at the top is a picture of Eddy with his Triathlon jersey. Got it from Nina when we stayed with them last year in LA on our way to Kona. It was summer when we came back but know he loves it as I put it on before I take him out to do his thing at 4am in the morning. When he wears it he thinks he's the man and run around with a real attitude as if he can read the wording on it. Right at the bottom is a video of Eddy going crazy when I add chlorine to the pool.

Below is a picture I took as I left the pool Wednesday morning. The winter is really approaching fast and all the signs are there. I am used to start my training in the dark but now I also finish it in the dark.

The mist is also starting to make driving to work in the morning difficult. Same as every winter on the Highveld region. When the mist start to appear you know winter is here. Add to that all the cosmos plants next to the highway and you know you soon gonna freeze your bud off.

Yesterday's Training:
Swim: 1h06, 3km
Run: 51 min, 10km

Today's Training:
Bike: 55 min, 35km


  1. Johan, what kind of watts are you doing on your power rides?? Love the dog shirt! have to find one of those for my dog at IM time!

  2. Love the video. If my African is correct, I think I heard your daughter say, "daddy, you are the greatest, no one can throw chlorine in the pool like you, I'm so lucky to have a father like you, nice legs, eddy loves you, I miss you when you go to work, you owe me $20"

    I may be off a little, I just started learning with Rosette Stone. haha.


  3. B
    haha It's Afrikaans not African but you are spot on. Maybe you used google translate.
    You are a really funny man.

    She actually says " Dad what was that water noise when you fetch the chlorine. Did his paw touched the water"

    Keep on practising you're starting to come right.

  4. John
    yes awesome shirt, you can go to and order one from Nina at


  5. John
    Sorry missed part of your comment, here the answer
    during the 2min all out I maintain 400+ watts, not allow to go below that.
    during 12min TT I start at 300watts and build towards 350w during the last few minutes.


  6. J, if your serious about coming to NA for Ironman, what months would you want to do it. The earliest I'd like to do one next year is Coeur d'Alene around June 25th, although IM Canada is an awesome race (other than Kona, for sure #2 in the world), but it is at the end of August.

    Lake Placid is also an AWESOME race and only 6 hours from my house, you fly into Toronto, we could stay at my place and drive down a couple days before, rent a cottage. But, I'm not sure if you want to do heavy winter training or not.

    If training didn't matter, I'd say Lake Placid or Ironman Canada. If it was LP, it's easy to fly to Toronto and it's an unbelievable world class city to visit. Family would love it, lots and lots to do. It has the best Canada has to offer. I could also take you on some of the most beautiful bike riding in all of Ontario and Canada. You also would get to meet a lot of the blog guys face to face. You would also get to drive from my place to LP and it is a nice drive, lots of scenery. Lake Placid is also a beautiful resort town, similar to IM Canada, with challenging hills and probably the best crowd support of ANY ironman race. No food posioning. You could also stay at my place and drink at my bar. I also think you could get better and cheaper flights coming into Toronto. IM Canada is a great race, but you wouldn't get the full Canadian experience and U.S. experience. With lake placid, you kill two birds with one stone, seeing Canada and the U.S.

    Actually, the more I write, the more I think Lake Placid would be the best race, if you were serious about coming. I'd also try and rally Skierz and some of the other PFG's to see if they want to do it or do it again.

    Keep me posted.