Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here we Go!

Yesterday it was DJ's turn when she participated in the Ironkidz event, a 100 meter swim and a 2km run. Below is some photos of her during the event.

Can see she's her Father's child always smiling while participating. Maybe we don't race hard enough to get rid of the smile.
Here's Mr Pritt, the main sponsor for the Ironkidz mascot, busy doing his thing. Pritt is part of Hekel, a company supplying glue and also stationary.

Matilda in the stable ready to go.

DJ made me a replica of Matilda with the clay she received in her goodie bag from Pritt.

Well now it is my turn, still can't decide what front wheel to use as the wind will be at 20km/h. At 1st I didn't think it will be that bad but I've seen very little deep section wheels in transition when I racked my bike. Even the Pro's are running 404's in the front. Luckily I can still change wheels when I get to transition, decisions, decisions??
Let's do it!!

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  1. Johan! What an awesome race! A PB which is always satisfying! Hope you are enjoying a cold beer and a treat with your tri-daughter! An awesome weekend for all! COngratulations!