Saturday, April 24, 2010


This time tomorrow I will hopefully be well on my way to complete my 5th Ironman race.

Yesterday was a rest day but I wasn't able to swim on Thursday so I decided to just go and do an easy 10 minute swim to get use to the sea condition. Because we don't live close to the sea the only time I am able to swim in the sea is when it's Ironman.

It is something to get used to but after 5 minutes or so I got that feeling.

After the swim I spend the rest of the day relaxing in the apartment. The family went to see a movie but I am not big into movies and when I looked at the list of movies showing nothing looked worth while.

Instead I watched some rugby on the sport channels and Sky news for the rest of the day.

This year the briefing changed from the usual Saturday afternoon to the Friday night. Apart from race briefing being held at a venue 25km out of town?, it is nice change to the Friday evening before the Pasta Party.

On the Saturday it is just too much of a rush with bike racking and the Ironkidz.

Race briefing was much the same as every year but they did explain the detour on the bike course which was helpful. They also announced that the finish area will be different this year, it will be bigger and it will be a family area.

The families will be allowed in the area after the finish line, which is awesome as you won't be all alone will recovering with the family waiting outside the area.

They will also allow children to cross the finish line with their athlete parent. Although the WTC banned this IMSA race organizers feel it is a family day and is allowing it. Great news.
After briefing I left and didn't stay for the pasta party. I am always scared if food is prepared for 2000 people and bryan's recent experience in China made me even more scared. Instead I came home and had dinner.

This morning I finished my pre race 15 minute bike and 15 minute run. I felt OK but not great but I hope I will feel better tomorrow. I feel bloated but I guess it is part of taper.

This morning was the Corporate Challenge which is a race which consists of a 10th of the actual IM race, 380m swim, 18km bike, 4.2km run. More than 1500 athletes compete in this.

Therefore the swim course only open at 9 until 11am. Will go and do my 500 meter pre race swim just now.

At 2pm DJ will be doing her race, the Ironkidz race. It is a 100 meter swim and a 2km run. They don't bike and 1500 kids participate.

Racking the bikes this year is according to time allocations by age group. Just hope they stick to it as last year it was a long queue with a long wait.

Being one of the older participants I only need to rack my bike from 4h30 to 5h30, nice.

A BIG thank you to everyone for all the wishes and messages, you don't know how much I appreciate it. It is all these messages from all of you that make this race worth doing! THANK YOU

Well it's off to the swim course and then I will get all my stuff ready for tomorrow. Hope to have a good report on race day for all of you.

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