Sunday, October 18, 2009

Being a Child again, only for one day

The Stemmet's meeting the Simpson's

Sorry for the delayed post but I was just running out of time in LA to update the blog on our last two days in Los Angeles.

We went to Universal Studios on Thursday and boy did we had a ball. You really loose track of everything and just enjoy yourself. Dejone was out of her skin meeting all these TV characters.

Me quickly sorting out Frankenstein.

DJ meeting some of the characters, don't ask me their names as I only know some of them but Dejone would see one and just shout there is so and so, and then we need to go meet them.
Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Hey watch your hands Shaggy!
We thought we were early by being there at ten as the gates open at ten but when we got there a queue of about 50 meters already formed. I guess it was because of the previous day's rainy weather and being a lovely sunny day that the people just wanted to get out.
Can you spot me in the picture above.
DJ with Donkey from Shrek. He asked DJ from where she was and when she replied SA, he said then she must be an African-American now that she is in the US. He was then cracking himself for his joke.
Dejone with her Homer Bottle, you buy the bottle with a drink and then you can refill it the whole day for 99c.

We spend some time there until 1pm and then we drove over to the Warner Bros lot were we dropped Kim off, to go to a Ellen DeGeneres TV show recording.

Me and DJ went back to Universal and was then enjoying ourselves until the park closed at 5pm.

We drove back to pick up Kim and when we got there they just finished and the each member of the audience got a Pink Blender for breast cancer. Well another item to take back to SA as the first thing Kim said when she got in the car is, "I am not leaving this here, it's coming with ( another thing apart from the bike, 3 cases and hand luggage, Johan the sherpa can carry)
During the day we also attended a show where they showed us how they use animals in movies and how they use special effects to create scenes. This Parrots in the picture above is trained just to open it's wings and glide in front of a huge fan. This is done in front of a green screen and they then later just add whatever image or background they want.
They say the most difficult animal to train is a cat.

We then went back to Universal to the City Walk section and browsed around in all the shops and had dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe, the same place me and Kim enjoyed a meal in 2000.

Luckily Universal and Warner Bros. is 10 minutes apart and you get a day pass for Universal so you can leave and enter as many times as you want on the day.

We arrived back at the hotel very late and we just could not believe the amount of cars still on the road at that time of night, it's crazy. I think the traffic in LA never stops.

The next morning as soon as DJ woke up she was just talking about meeting all the characters. It was really a wonderful experience at Universal and being a kid for one day.

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