Friday, October 9, 2009

Killing Time

Today was another rest day and it is starting to frustrate me to just wait and killing time. Apart from the Mark Allen Breakfast this morning which was very interesting and the Welcome Dinner tonight nothing else happened.

I chose not to get caught up in all the expo excitement and relaxed at the apartment for mostly the whole day. I started to get all my stuff ready and packed them out on the floor. Same proceeding as always before an Ironman just different location.

It was a real privilege to listen to Mark Allen and Luis Varges talk today. They gave us all some last minute tips and things to think about leading up to the race and during the race. Most important message was how to adapt to things if they start getting wrong.

As Luis said that in our day to day living everyday does not go by perfectly and you always have to deal with the unexpected. Now why would the day of the race be different, something is going to happen that you didn't plan for. The secret is going to be how to handle it.

Today was also the famous underwear run where people dress up in only their underwear and run about a mile in Alii drive. This was started a while back mainly to make fun of the German athletes who walk around town in only there speedo's with these perfect bodies.

I am glad I decided to go to the breakfast instead of going and watch the undies run.

While we waited for the breakfast to start we walked around the hotel where the breakfast was.

Below is a replica of the Kings holiday home and the bathing area. Very small but build with a lot of detail.

The Welcome dinner was tonight and as the one in South Africa not as spectacular as I suppose the Awards Dinner going to be or the one in SA was. Only difference to the one in SA was more athletes attending. Although it was something new it was not mind blowing.

Tomorrow is going to be an easy 500 meter swim, 15 minutes bike and 15 minutes run. Guess you can't call it training but it is the last minute preparation and also just to keep those legs turning and heart pumping.
After that I am getting everything ready and bike racking for my number group starts at 14h30.
Then it is an early night before the big day.
I had a look at my training totals for the 20 weeks leading up to Kona and compared them with the 20 weeks before IM South Africa. Your mind starts playing games with you now and you keep asking yourself if you did enough training.
Comparing the two blocks I did 12 hours more training for Kona with 240km more and this is including the four weeks I didn't train due to having Bronchitis.
Swimming was about the same between the two blocks and it only differ 2 km and ending on 145 km swimming in 20 weeks.
Biking was much better than IM South Africa and I ended up doing 320km more ending on 3700km. On average it came to doing an ironman bike every week
Running was also better ending on 800 km with 40km more in the 20 weeks. My average was 40km a week running, that's almost a marathon a week for the last 20 weeks.
My gym training was way better and I ended up doing 40 sessions 13 more than IMSA.
Think it could have been much better if I didn't get Bronchitis but everything happen with a reason and maybe the Bronchitis was there to bump me to the next level.
After I had a look at the numbers I feel confident and just need to put it together on Saturday.

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