Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Bye LA

It's Friday and we need to say goodbye to LA and return to SA and real life. The last three days was awesome in LA.

We visited Venice beach today as we only had the morning free and with the LA traffic I don't want to take a chance driving somewhere.

Me and DJ in front of muscle beach in Venice.

What a place to see, Venice beach. By not being insulting I haven't seen so many weirdo's together in a long time at one place. There is people and characters from all shapes and sizes.

After our short visit to Venice beach we headed back to Santa Monica to grab something to eat for Lunch. Not being funny by I wasn't prepared to eat something on the promenade in Venice, It just spelled upset stomach all over.
Getting what the mass in America and all the Tourist eat, McDonald's. And can you super size me with a bottomless Coke please.

We finished lunch and then checked out the hotel. Dana and Nina came to say good bye and it was really cool to see them again. We chatted in the hotel Lobby for almost two hours, before we had to go to the airport. If we didn't have to leave for the airport we could have easily have chatted another 2 hours.

We then started our 2 day and 30 hours of planes and airports, including a 8 hour stopover in London. Going through all the security again is really time consuming and it gives you a good workout getting shoes off, shoes on, belt off, belt on. Then it's unpack this bag repack it again. But I guess it is to make it safer for us all.

What I could not understand is they won't let people take a nail clipper of 3cm on the plane but I had 2 big beer glasses and 3 coffee mugs in my hand bag as gifts because I was sure it will break in the check in suit case. Then I had two Laptop security cables and all the cameras and cellphone electrical cords in my hand luggage. Aren't those items dangerous?

Surely a big beer glass if broken is much more dangerous than a 3cm nail clipper?


  1. I hear you about the things they consider dangerous. I have a carbon fiber ice axe that I knew I'd have to pack away but they wouldn't let me take my crampons on. You couldn't even hold them to attack with. My boot laces would have been a better weapon, or even a pencil. Oh well. "As much as it is up to you live at peace with all men."

  2. Yip
    hear you, sometimes I don't understand there rules but at the end it's something you just need to accept. Hopefully we are having safer airport/ airlines now.