Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stuck in the Middle

Today was a challenging day in LA. It's been raining non stop. We decided to go do some sightseeing today. Now look at the SUV that DJ is standing next to, her head only comes to the mirror.
Now take this huge SUV, add some left hand drive, add some OK plenty of rain, add traffic ten times the volume that we are used to in Johannesburg and you are heading for a difficult outing.
That's not where it stops. Family and friends who knows Kim know than she is a very stressful passenger in a car especially if I drive. Now put Kim in the passenger seat add the above and add some irritating GPS lady voice.
I was going crazy. At one point I unplugged the lady and said to Kim I wish I could unplug her also. She didn't think I was funny.
Luckily it stopped raining later in the afternoon and they forecast some sunny weather tomorrow, hope they're right.
Visiting the Walk of Fame where the pavement is full of film star names in stars. Me keeping Elvis dry.

Only in LA, a guy riding his bike on the pavement with a monkey face mask.

Kim's own star with a little bit of help from her right foot.

We visited the Santa Monica pier late this afternoon for a sun downer drink.

Tonight we went to a Ice Hockey game. It was the Anaheim Ducks playing the Minnesota Wild. The Ducks won 3-2. It was really a great experience and we enjoyed it so much. DJ was so happy and was living herself into the game and cheering and shouting. She suddenly became a Ducks supporter with her foam hand. It was the first time I went to a Hockey game and I enjoyed it, even saw a fight ( on the ice) in the first period. Was something to experience, all the players and refs are standing around and let the two guys sort themselves out. If it was rugby in South Africa half the teams would be fighting with some spectators also.
There is also a lot of food at the game and the people ( including us ) ate a lot. I am so glad I am not living in the US, I will be gaining all the weight I lost by doing Triathlons within a month.
Even at the take outs, everything is super size and free refills, amazing.
Tomorrow we are heading to Universal studios and Kim is also attending a recording of the Ellen show. She is looking forward to it. Me and DJ will keep our self busy while she's at Ellen.

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