Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Give a little

During our recent visit to Kona we met Dana and Nina and stayed with them for one night in Los Angeles before we flew to Kona. We never knew them before but after meeting on Twitter Nina and Dana were so nice to offer us some homestay accomodation.

They are a very pleasant couple and went out of their way to accomodate me, Kim and Dejone. When we arrived back from Kona they even drove to our hotel before we were heading for South Africa and came to say good bye.

You probably are wondering now why do I tell you about these two special people and by special I mean really special if you continue reading.

They are both doing Ironman 70.3 Longhorn this weekend in Austin Texas but what is making there participation so special is that they are raising money for the Livestrong Cancer Foundation. Dana is a leukemia cancer survivor and Nina's mother is a breast cancer survivor.

Personally for me I don't have family or friends (until now) that's been affected by cancer. It is so easy to just carry on with your daily healthy life and forget about all those people that suffer directly or indirectly due to Cancer.

I know times are very tough but I am asking to please spare something and contribute to Dana's and Nina's fundraiser. There aim was to raise $5000 for the Ironman Longhorn challenge and currently they are at about $2500, halfway there. Even if it is only $10 anything will help.

Please visit the following link if you feel you can make a small difference in some Cancer affected person's life.


  1. Done. Donation made. Wow, what nice and generous people. We're in a whole new world with this Twitter thing.

    I think this Internet thing is here to stay. lol.

  2. B
    Thanks a lot.
    You're right this Twitter thing is opening so many doors. To think without twitter and Internet I would have never even meet so many wonderful people. Make the world a really small place

  3. Johan,
    Thank you so much for this post! How incredibly kind and generous of you. We were able to raise $2500 in just 10 days for Team Livestrong for Longhorn thanks to generous people like you. Thanks again - your thoughfulness really touches our heart.
    Nina and Dana

  4. Hi Nina
    Pleasure. Hoped it helped,even it is small