Thursday, October 29, 2009

Concert, Conference and Challenge

My "friendly scale" my companion for the next six weeks.

It's been three days since I embarked on this six week challenge to loose some weight before my training block starts for Ironman South Africa.

So far it's been going well and better than expected and I haven't cheated once. I thought that I will loose the four kilos I gained during the last two weeks faster but I only lost one kg so far.

The real challenge will be during the next two days as I'm attending the annual VW conference down in Port Elizabeth. Like any conference there is a lot of eating and drinking. Hopefully I can avoid all that.

The one nice thing about being down in PE is that I will be able to do my morning run on the Ironman run route. PE is the host city for Ironman South Africa. The hotel I'm staying in is also right on the run route.

Last night we attended DJ's school concert, boy did I enjoy it. It's amazing to see all those school kids performing and giving their all.

Just some feedback on the blender,it's still not working. Hopefully the pc board will be repared soon.
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  1. stick with! as your metabolism catches up with the new routine you will find it will give exponential results! I am still dropping while not being nearly as conscious a month ago, training and otherwise have not changed greatly. have a great conference! and once again, hope teh blender thing works out!