Saturday, October 10, 2009

Remember the Day

I came across this photo yesterday of me and Dejone at Ironman South Africa this year.

It was just after I got my slot to Hawaii. Me and Dejone were going crazy in the sea of excitement.
Look at DJ's face and she punching the air, that's excitement.

Thinking back to that day I never knew what was waiting for us and on our journey to Hawaii.

A lot of times one get so caught up in the race and in pushing yourself that you forget how good the day was or how privilege you are to be healthy to do Ironman racing. Most important I am going to enjoy today. After almost 5000km and 400 hours of training it all boils down to just one day and not even a full day.

I am going to do my best today, I know it is going to be tough but most of all I'm going to remember this day no matter what the outcome.

I will be thinking of everyone who wished me well, you are all in my mind today.

Well it's 5 am and time to go to ENJOY today!!!!!!!


  1. Right on. Kiss some Ironman butt today J.

  2. I saw that you finished, and am proud of you. Heartwarming photo. I think that's the kind of images from your life that will flash through your mind when you leave this world for eternity.

  3. 10:58:09! All right! Great job, brother. -James