Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodbye Kona

This morning we said goodbye to Kona and took an early flight out of Kona to Honolulu. From there we headed to Los Angeles. I know it sounds so typical but it was really a sad moment for me, the whole Kona experience surpassed all my expectations.

Simon Ward (@TriathlonCoach on twitter) said yesterday when he flew back to the UK, he is doing the travel triathlon. Well we also started with our Travel Triathlon. Today from Kona to LA was the swim leg, short and not that demanding. Friday we do the bike leg, long and hard going from LA to London. Then on Saturday it's the run leg, from London to Johannesburg and it's always the run leg that is taking the most out of you.

We arrived in LA just after 4pm and luckily we had no issues with luggage, everything there and everything in one piece. From there we headed to the car rental company and after the guy saw all the baggage plus the bike he suggested that we upgrade from a compact SUV to a SUV. And as they say it's the easiest to sell something to a salesmen. The guy convinced me and now we are driving this huge Chevy SUV and a left hand drive , something I'm not used to. It's even bigger than the VW Touareg than I drive in SA.
So ironic we've been living in these hot and humid conditions for almost two weeks and when we arrived in LA it's raining and cold.
The next two and a half days is going to be fun, we have so many things planned and I'm looking forward to just enjoy myself and don't think about what training session is next to do. I said to Kim yesterday I am now officially on a week long binging spree.
We are staying at the Holiday Inn right on the Santa Monica beach/Pier. Nina Jack helped me with choosing the hotel and I must say I am really impressed so far with the Hotel and what you get for what you pay, it is good value for money.
Even Dejone has her own double bed in the family room and not a sleeper couch like the apartment in Kona.
Last night we had a BBQ in Kona as a farewell dinner and I taught Dejone how to braai. Although it was fish and not that difficult as meat it was fun as she managed well.
Before we came to Kona, Kim said that we won't come back very soon even if I qualify within the next year or two, as it is just to expensive for South Africans to make the journey. Apart from flying half way round globe ( 29 hours in 4 planes), the exchange rate also does not make it easy.
After Saturday Kim's attitude has changed somewhat. Although she is not saying it blunt out the way she's talking, I think if I qualify again we would make a plan to experience Kona again. It is just magical.
DJ playing around in the shuttle towards the car rental company.


  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks it's magical. After reading all your entries and seeing the pictures, I'm more motivated than ever to get back there. Hopefully next year, depending how I do in China. Heck, I didn't think I'd go back unless I qualified, but I've changed my mind. I'd go back on the Lottery, no problem.

    Excellent, Excellent blog entries. Enjoy your week off.


  2. Hi B
    glad you're motivated, I feel the same way. Already thinking of what i need to do and change in training to qualify for next year. They say it's gonna be special in 2010.

    gppd luck with your training for IM 70.3 Worlds. Training trhrough the winter is going to be a challenge but that's what make you stronger

    looking forward now when I'm taking it a bit easy for the next few weeks to read your blog and your road to Clearwater.

  3. Johan, Kim & DJ,

    Congratulations and thank you for writing about your journey every step of the way. We loved meeting all of you, following your journey via blog, twitter, and of course, on the internet! We jumped up and down as we saw you cross the finish line! You and your family are truly an inspiration. We are so thrilled that your day was as amazing as you hoped it would be (and we are not the least bit surprised either). Enjoy the last of your vacation...we figured you wee probably tired of all the sun so we especially ordered up some rain for you. :-)