Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Registration day and Nations Parade done

Today was a day of no training but it was a busy day. The morning started with an athletes breakfast from Tri Travel with guest speakers being Michellie Jones, Chris Legh and Mitch Anderson. Luke Bell was also there for some advice. They also had a guy from Newton running shoes at hand to help with the fitment of free pair of newton shoes for those who never ran in it before.

This was very helpful even for me who's been using the shoe. I took my old pair of Newtons and the guy showed me exactly how my feet are landing and said that the Newtons I'm using is the perfect size and model for me.

Me and Chris Leigh

The info shared by the athletes were very helpful and interesting. I particular like it when Mitch Anderson speaks. He is a doctor by profession and his tips are also making scientific sense.

Mitch Anderson

Luke Bell

After breakfast we headed to the registration hall and registration was done with in five minutes. Don't know if everybody thought it is going to be busy on the first day but there weren't many athletes.
At the start of registration

Finished with registration

The registration pack has the same things in it than any other registration pack apart from the hard board race number for the bike. Not a sticker for your seat post but this one goes onto the from down tube.

We eventually had lunch at the casual Huggo's today. I am sticking to the boring but safe stuff. I will try all the fish and exotic foods after the race. Don't want a upset stomach now. It was very hot today and I think it's been the hottest day since we arrived.

This afternoon was the nations parade and it started at the hotel where the registration is and ended at the expo about 1km away. It was a real experience walking on Alii drive and be greeted and cheered by all these spectators.

The announcer said that there is 14 athletes presenting South Africa, with 11 present at the parade.

After the parade we headed to the expo which opened tonight. As one can expect it was so busy with everybody heading to it. I stopped by the Cervelo stand and ask the guy if he can help me with my rear brake as it is touching the rim and not the brake part of the rim since I changed my tyres from 23's to 21's.

He said no problem and said I must bring my bike tomorrow morning at 9am. When he saw my South African shirt he started asking me all these questions. It turns out he is the husband to Tereza Macel who is part of team TBB. James Cunama and Lucie Zelenkova from SA are also part of team TBB.
Wish the ocean can be this flat on race day as it was tonight.
Listening to Dave Scott speaking at the Triathlete Magazine stand.

I finally met my two coaches Mark Allen and Luis Varges. At their stand I also signed next to my name on their poster of the athletes they coach that is participating

Me and Luis

Mark showing me to their booth.

Signing next to my name.

After that we headed to the Newton stand and Craig Alexander and Natasha Badman were signing autographs. Craig was so friendly and when I told him I'm from South Africa he started talking Rugby, what a nice guy.

When we finally headed home a guy we've been seeing at the beach close to our apartment for the past few days ( I think he stays there) was collecting coconuts from the tree and when I showed Dejone the coconuts and explain to her what it is he gave us one and said we can have it.

I thought he wanted money or something for it but he just gave it to us.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day training wise. I am heading to the beach at 7 am to swim with the fellow Mark Allen athletes together with Mark Allen and Luis Varges.

Then I have a 1h30 bike schedule and a 30 minute run in the afternoon.


  1. Dude - you're living the dream! Keep sending the pics. And all good and powerful things to you in preparation for the Big Race. Rob

  2. Hey, looks all very cool, keep the commentry and the photos coming. I did Kona in my first year as a triathlete (lottery entry). Winds were 80kph - if you'd stopped pedalling downhill you'd have come to a standstill. Sidewinds crazy - be careful out there. In the end I just went as fast as I could and hung on for dear life. People were still being blown off going slow so I thought what the hell - seemed to work OK.

    I'm aiming to qualify in Malaysia or China next year (entered both) so may see you in Kona in 2010.

    Have a fantastic race and make sure the last 200 metres of the run is the slowest of your life - soak up that atmosphere.


    Simon a.k.a. Tritwins

    PS I did South Africa Ironman in 2005 - Loved it! The race and the Country.

  3. The pictures keep getting better and better. Not much has changed in 20 years. I'm always checking your blog for your next entry. Your making Hawaii so fun and exciting for me. Other than the time I went, I don't think I even cared about it and didn't even pay attention to who won and only found out when the magazines came out. This year is different. I'll be tracking you all day and I'm excited to see who wins. I hope it's Alexander and Wellington. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there is an upset with Wellington.