Monday, October 26, 2009

Blew up the Blender

This is the blender that Kim received when she attended The Ellen Show in LA when we were there after Kona. She asked me to fit a South African plug that will work on our wall sockets and I keep postponing it until tonight.

I fitted the plug and plugged it into the wall socket to test it out. Just as I pushed power there was a big bang and smoke coming out of the front. I thought I fitted the wires on the plug the wrong way and double check, it were right. Just to make double sure I phoned my electrician friend and then he gave me the bad news and the reason the blender is not working anymore.

In the US they work on 110v but in South Africa we work on 220v, thus creating a power surge when I switched it on. He said he can have a look at the PC board I try fixing it but even if it's fixed we would need a power adapter to convert the power from 220v to 110v.

Can't believe I'm so stupid not knowing that different countries have different voltage outputs. Needless to say Kim is so mad at me and I am not her favourite person right now. I said to her don't worry I'll fix it. I really hope I can or I'm gonna loose weight faster than I want to without having any meals prepared.

All that carrying of this heavy blender for this( should have donated it to someone in the US)

On a happier note DJ is having a Halloween night at the dance school tonight. She is so excited and you can see she is glad to be back at the dance school after missing it for a month

She decided to dress as Tinkerbell.Forgot to post this picture. My sister and Mother welcomed us back last week with balloons and a bottle of champagne. They arranged the outside of our house and also the front door and our dinner table with all these balloons and streamers. It was so kind of them and we enjoyed the champagne the same day with dinner which they also prepared.
This is a picture of my new dog Eddy, that I got when we arrived back in SA. It is a Jack Russell and as you can imaging it is very active. Only time I can take a picture of him is when his sleeping otherwise he is not featuring in any of the pictures I take of him.

I said to Kim this is my new training partner as no one in the family wants to train with me, maybe Eddy will be the one.

I even got a dog shirt from Nina when we were in LA with his name and "Tri-dog" written on the back. It is too big for him now but will fit him soon. Maybe he will become a real tri dog later in is life.
Today is also the first day of my 6 week challenge to loose some weight and get race ready before my 20 week Ironman South Africa training block starts. I saw in Kona that if I really want to be competitive I will need to loose weight. I was 3kg heavier in Kona than at IM South Africa and I could feel it.
I found a really good website where you log the food you eat and it keeps track of your calories. I guess there are so many websites that offer this service but this one is free and it's easy to work on. You can also load your own food if you have the nutritional info. In the past I had my little black book in which I wrote all my food in but then I had to manually calculate the carbs, protein and fat. This website does it for you. You can even log your training that's been done for the day and if you log in your target weight it gives you a graph on how you're doing.
For the first day of my challenge it really went well if you consider the post Kona two week "binging" I've been on. I gained a shocking 4 kg in these two weeks. Losing the first 4 kg will be easy compared to the 3kg that will follow and then the last stretch to get race weight ready.


  1. Too bad the blender re-wire did not work. It will make your 6 week gaol a little asier to achieve. The calorie tracking software is awesome, I used a different version for 5 weeks and it was a part of my success losing 10kg in 3 months. Good luck!(on the weigth loss and blender repair)

  2. Too bad about the blender, poor Kim.

    On the weight, are you saying you were 3 kg up and then added another 4 kg for a total of 7 kg over your last years IMSA weight?


  3. Hi J & B
    Thanks, hopefully I can drop those weight quickly.

    yes Bryan I gained 4kg after Kona but was 3kg heavier on race day than at IMSA.
    But in total I'm now 7kg heavier than in April this year.

  4. Wow! At least I feel I'm in good company.