Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Energy Lab run, Jetlag and a DUI dude.

This is what 36c look like at the turnaround of the Energy Lab at 10am. Everybody talks about the Energy Lab and how hot and demanding it can be on the run but until you run it yourself you can't imagine. We were taking out to 4km outside the Lab and then ran into it until the turnaround point and back.

This is what it looks like just before you enter. Sorry for sounding stupid but when everybody was talking about the Energy Lab I thought it was this "Energy" thing whereby you need this extra energy to get through this particular section on the run. Never did I think of the Energy Lab as an actual energy laboratories, nothing to do with energy you need to run a marathon.

Tri travel had some aid stations set up for us during the run, this one at the entrance.

This is the entrance.
This rock is just before the turn around.
The bus to take us back was parked at this national park 4km from the Lab.

After the run we went to Huggo's for lunch. It was recommended but we weren't impressed with the menu. Only did we realize afterwards that we were at the more upper class section of the restaurant and the section which serves hamburgers, pizza and typical lunch items were next door.
Another cruise liner docking at Kona. Before I continue I must apologize for not posting anything for the past two days but it seems that the jet lag is still getting the better of me. I will wake up at 3 am in the morning and will feel normal for the whole day but then it will be lights out before I know it at 7pm. I thought it will become better but it seems to be my new pattern. Only advantage of that is I won't oversleep on race day morning, but need to finish before 7pm(ha ha)

Yesterday they took us out on the bike course and we cycled the last 60km back. It was very interesting pointing some landmarks out to us whereby you can track you route out and back. As it is Lava fields all over everything looks the same. This hill is 30km out on the bike route and you can also have a look at the ocean. If the water is calm little wind, if you see white caps, good luck with the ride as it's going to be ruff.
Getting our bikes before we head back.
This is me starting with the lady Pro, Nicole Ward who came second at Ironman Japan on our way back to Kona. She is a guest from Tri Travel and are with the group.
Enjoying the ride home and also an almost windless day. If you can ride with one hand on the handle bar there is very little wind. Normally you just hang on with both hands. My biking is feeling good and it feels like the heavy legs are gone.
Before we were cycling back they stopped at a spot where we could build our names with the white rocks you find in between the black lava. We did our initials, not enough rock for the names.
On Sunday we also went to Magic Sands Beach but I'm afraid there is nothing magic about this beach. If I compare it with the beaches in South Africa it is not even a beach, don't think anyone in SA will use this beach. But it was packed with all these people swimming and boogie boarding.

We also saw this guy getting booked for driving under the influence on his scooter. We were heading back to our apartment and walked towards a place to find a taxi. He was really pissed and could only stand on the white line but as soon as he started walking he fell over. Minutes later we saw another cop car arriving and they loaded him in the car. Don't know what happened with his scooter.
Yesterday we went for lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp co. Restaurant. It is based on the film Forest Gump and everything inside is about the Forest Gump story.

After the day we relaxed at the pool inside the complex before I hit the bed at 7pm.

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