Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chain Reaction

With Kim away this week, we are all taking strain and I am so busy trying to get to everything. I had to start training a little bit earlier in the mornings to be done with my training before 6am. Then it's a mad rush to prepare breakfast, have DJ's lunch box ready for school and pack my food for the day and get ready to leave before 7am to drop DJ off at school.
For the first two nights DJ slept in her own bed but on the third she came upstairs and said she can't sleep alone in her bed. I could see when I got back from work that she is not feeling well and misses Kim.

When Kim is home she sleeps in her bed alone, no problem but I think because she misses her she needed that comfort. Allowing her to join me in bed was the start of a chain reaction which caused some very uncomfortable sleeping for me, and the best of this is it will now continue until Kim gets back.
You see when DJ came to join me her poodle Dolly also joined as they are inseparable. Dolly sleeps with DJ in her bed. With Dolly now on the bed, Eddy who sleeps on a pillow beside our bed decided that if Dolly can be on top why must he be sleeping on the floor. So Eddy jumped up and joined the party and the more I tried to chase Eddy off to sleep on his pillow the more determined he became to sleep on the bed.

Eventually I gave up and let them take over. Then Kim's cat Max, who usually sleeps on the chair in our bedroom corner decided to come and have a look and see who is all these new faces in his Mommy's bed. Luckily he was chased off by Eddy and went back to his chair.

Well for the rest of the night I had less space than what I need to sleep comfortably. This whole thing continued Wednesday night and will most definitely happen tonight as well.

Training wise I am having a good week. I haven't missed one session and feel good and can feel I am making some progress. I must add that if I had to continue with this one parent lifestyle for more than a week I won't be able to get all my sessions in.
Some blister I got from this week swimming and using flippers to do some of the drills. I am now forcing myself to include at least 15 minutes of drills during my swim sessions which I did not do before. In the past I would have just jump in the pool and start doing the laps as per my training schedule.

I have some new respect for single parents training for an Ironman and also for Kim. Maybe it is a good thing to have a week like this one, to see how much she is helping me to do what I love doing.

Weeks training:
Swim: 1h12, 3km
Bike: 1hr, 32.5km

Run: 55min, 11.5km
Bike: 2hrs, 65km

Swim: 1h05, 3km
Run: 1h20, 15km

Gym: 1h05.


  1. Way to go Johan! that is a big handful to manage! Arent out spouses great for doing all the things that we take for granted! You had best get some control on the pets, or you will be sleeping on the cats chair before Kim returns! :)

  2. J, it looks like your kicking like a monster to get those blisters. I think doing the drills is a good move, your getting me to start thinking about doing some each swim as well.

    Those blisters look like a real pain in the foot.

  3. John
    Yes need to sort out pets asap. wife will not like what she see on blog. don't want animals on bed, can be in house.

    Yes I am really trying to focus the whole set on tech. Found that if I start with a lot of drills it follow through when doing main set.

    haha yip a real pain in the foot- like it

  4. There is no way that I could possibly get a quarter of the things I get done accomplished if it were not for my wife. I have no idea how she manages the day to day operations with five kids. I feel like an air traffic controller whenever I fly solo.

  5. Those blisters looked painful!!

    Love the picture of the dog on the bed, haha! They always looks so comfortable it's a shame to move them.

  6. Mark
    That's so true, can be so thankfull. very hectic and big chaos without them

  7. She
    Yes they were a little uncomfortable but are fine now. Yes it is sad to move them but have to he is taking big chances, very clever little dog