Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Sis.

Today was the start of the new school year for kids in South Africa. It is also my older sisters, Etresia's Birthday. She lives in Polokwane, about 280km from us so we obviously could only phone her and wish her a happy birthday. She is a teacher and I think having your birthday on the day the school starts is not that nice.

My Brother in Law invited a few friends over and they are having a little party tonight. Luckily she is not that lonely on her birthday but I don't know if having a small party/ get together is such a good idea after your first day back at work and during mid week.

DJ set her alarm at 6am and then changed it to 5:45am. I don't know why as she did get everything ready last night, in fact since we came back from the coast on Sunday. She is now in grade six, and we took the usual photos on her first day of a new school year. We've been doing it since she started school and it is so funny looking at the pictures how we changed over the years.

I can't remember me being so excited about getting back to school after the Holiday's

When she arrived back from school today she phoned me to tell me all about it. She was upset that they sat in there register class the whole day sorting out paper/admin things and did not rotate classes. She is so excited getting started (again not Daddy's child).

I received a parcel today from Marco from the bike shop. It is a Zipp T-shirt with Kona09 on it, maybe something they dished out in Kona which I missed. He is the Zipp agent in South Africa so they probably sent him a few. Thanks Marco, appreciate it.

I will see him down in East London this weekend as he will have a stand at the expo promoting his shop and the products he stock.

Eddy finding a new spot to take his morning nap, on one of the chairs in our bedroom on top of a cushion. He is so funny and I can't believe the personality he is developing. Make the family laugh with all his activities

Today is a rest day for me but tomorrow it is going to be a full day. I have a swim, bike and run session but luckily all of them are not that long. I will go and swim with my wet suit tomorrow as I haven't swim in it since IMSA last year April. Just need to get use to that tight fit again.


  1. Hi J! Hope you are feeling mentally stronger as the weekend comes closer! Just remember, you cant win them all! and compared to us newbies to the sport, we would love to have the race time that you might consider a 'not ready time' I will certainly be eager to find out how your race went when I get off the hills that day! (I'm with you, excited for school was never on my list) Cheers

  2. John
    Thanks, I must say I am feeling much better than Tueasday, hope the positive energy keeps coming.